Eco Friendly Area Rugs

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  • Kaleen Kenwood Slate Ken05-103
    Kaleen Kenwood Slate Ken05-103
    Starting at $49.00
  • Surya Gemini GMN4058
    Surya Gemini GMN4058
    Starting at $169.20
  • Kaleen Kenwood Chocolate Ken05-40
    Kaleen Kenwood Chocolate Ken05-40
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Ivory Ken04-01
    Kaleen Kenwood Ivory Ken04-01
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken02-91
    Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken02-91
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Red Ken02-25
    Kaleen Kenwood Red Ken02-25
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Grey Ken03-75
    Kaleen Kenwood Grey Ken03-75
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Lime Green Ken07-96
    Kaleen Kenwood Lime Green Ken07-96
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Paprika Ken01-53
    Kaleen Kenwood Paprika Ken01-53
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Plum Ken02-87
    Kaleen Kenwood Plum Ken02-87
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Purple Ken03-95
    Kaleen Kenwood Purple Ken03-95
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Turquoise Ken07-78
    Kaleen Kenwood Turquoise Ken07-78
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Colinas Slate Col02-103
    Kaleen Colinas Slate Col02-103
    Starting at $39.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Denim Ken01-10
    Kaleen Kenwood Denim Ken01-10
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Pink Ken04-92
    Kaleen Kenwood Pink Ken04-92
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Navy Ken01-22
    Kaleen Kenwood Navy Ken01-22
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Wasabi Ken06-70
    Kaleen Kenwood Wasabi Ken06-70
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Yellow Ken03-28
    Kaleen Kenwood Yellow Ken03-28
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Grey Ken06-75
    Kaleen Kenwood Grey Ken06-75
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Blue Ken07-17
    Kaleen Kenwood Blue Ken07-17
    Starting at $49.00
  • Surya Bjorn BJR1011
    Surya Bjorn BJR1011
    Starting at $109.80
  • Kaleen Kenwood Rust Ken06-30
    Kaleen Kenwood Rust Ken06-30
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken04-91
    Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken04-91
    Starting at $49.00
  • Surya Gemini GMN4065
    Surya Gemini GMN4065
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4049
    Surya Gemini GMN4049
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4050
    Surya Gemini GMN4050
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4024
    Surya Gemini GMN4024
    Starting at $169.20
  • Kaleen Essential Natural Coir-05 8505-44
    Kaleen Essential Natural Coir-05 8505-44
    Starting at $29.00
  • Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken05-91
    Kaleen Kenwood Teal Ken05-91
    Starting at $49.00
  • Kaleen Colinas Multi Col04-86
    Kaleen Colinas Multi Col04-86
    Starting at $39.00
  • Surya Gemini GMN4053
    Surya Gemini GMN4053
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4055
    Surya Gemini GMN4055
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4062
    Surya Gemini GMN4062
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4051
    Surya Gemini GMN4051
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Confetti CONFETT10
    Surya Confetti CONFETT10
    Starting at $139.20
  • Surya Drift Wood DRF3000
    Surya Drift Wood DRF3000
    Starting at $87.60
  • Surya Grasshopper GRS2000
    Surya Grasshopper GRS2000
    Starting at $72.60
  • Surya Scarborough SCR5152
    Surya Scarborough SCR5152
    Starting at $109.80
  • Surya Gemini GMN4052
    Surya Gemini GMN4052
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4061
    Surya Gemini GMN4061
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gilded GID5001
    Surya Gilded GID5001
    Starting at $356.40
  • Kaleen Essential Natural Herringbone-04 8504-44
    Kaleen Essential Natural Herringbone-04 8504-44
    Starting at $29.00
  • Surya Gemini GMN4021
    Surya Gemini GMN4021
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4009
    Surya Gemini GMN4009
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Gemini GMN4037
    Surya Gemini GMN4037
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Tropics TRO1007
    Surya Tropics TRO1007
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Crusoe CRU2001
    Surya Crusoe CRU2001
    Starting at $79.80
  • Surya Gemini GMN4018
    Surya Gemini GMN4018
    Starting at $169.20
  • Surya Tonga TGA6002
    Surya Tonga TGA6002
    Starting at $64.80
  • Surya Scarborough SCR5130
    Surya Scarborough SCR5130
    Starting at $109.80

Eco-Friendly Rugs

Environmentally conscious homeowners are discovering a way to bring the cause they care about into their homes with eco-friendly rugs. Caring for the Earth shouldn’t stop at your doorstep, so why put anything down on your floors except for natural or eco friendly rugs? From durable and rustic hemp rugs to soft, washable organic cotton rugs, you’ll find a natural rug to suit every taste and décor at Boldrugs. Natural sisal rugs, outdoor jute rugs, and bamboo area rugs all made from plant-based fibers protect your floors from heavy foot traffic and will remain tough and new-looking even after years on the same surface. Meanwhile, traditional wool rugs and 100 cotton rugs lend a sense of softness to any bedroom, study or sunroom. And for those who wish to make their own eco-friendly rug, cotton rug yarn, wool rug yarn, and latch hook rug kits make it easy to create your own work of sustainable art.