Silk Area Rugs

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  • The Rug Market Closeout Marlborough 35002 Green and Yellow
    The Rug Market Closeout Marlborough 35002 Green and Yellow
    Starting at $712.00
  • Surya Static STC4000
    Surya Static STC4000
    Starting at $112.00
  • Surya Lima LMA8001
    Surya Lima LMA8001
    Starting at $154.00
  • Surya Static STC4001
    Surya Static STC4001
    Starting at $112.00
  • Surya Lima LMA8000
    Surya Lima LMA8000
    Starting at $154.00
  • Surya Static STC4002
    Surya Static STC4002
    Starting at $112.00
  • Surya Saturday Night SN50
    Surya Saturday Night SN50
    Starting at $54.00

Thereís no fabric quite like silk. Gently culled by hand with the finest of old-world craftsmanship, thereís no one word that quite describes silk. Itís just, well, silk! Bring home that softness and luxury with silk area rugs. Whether in the bedroom or living area, silk area rugs provide that touch of elegance that every home needs. Handmade silk rugs, Chinese silk rugs, and Turkish silk rugs each lend a timeless quality to every floor they grace. You can bring this look home with a visit through our websiste. Explore our selection of silk area rugs and wool silk rugs. Youíll find hand knotted silk rugs and silk rugs for sale at prices you wonít find at that expensive home goods store. Donít you think your home deserves the look and feel of silk? Go ahead and indulge Ė youíre worth it!