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How to Pick out Leather Area Rugs for your Home

Leather area rugs offer a distinctive look and feel that any living room, den, or office in need of a truly different look can benefit from. A traditional leather rug is often made up of a patchwork design. No two cowhides look the same and artisans from all over the world weave these hides together to create unique patterns. Your leather rug is then dyed to create colors like a red leather rug or a white leather rug. Whether you choose a woven leather rug or something a little more rugged like a cowhide rug, you can rest assured your leather rug from BoldRugs is made from the finest genuine materials. Finally, a quality leather rug doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Shopping online affords homeowners the luxury of leather at discount pricing plus great amenities like free shipping and price matching.

If you’re in the market for something a little different, bold, and stylish for your interior spaces, check out leather area rugs. These rugs are made of a natural material that looks great whether you’re using them in your bedroom, living room, or even in your dining room. When you want to put together a contemporary living space that is sure to wow your friends, family, and guests, you can’t go wrong with a leather rug on the floor. But if you think all leather rugs are the same, it’s time to learn a little bit about the different options you have when choosing one of these great pieces of home décor.

What Exactly are Leather Area Rugs Made of?

You probably already have some concept of what leather is, and when it comes to using it in area rugs, it’s more or less the same as what you might already be thinking. Leather is basically the tanned hide of an animal, usually a cow, which has been stretched and often dyed or otherwise printed with a design, color, or pattern. Leather is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and lots of interior design elements. Many homes have at least one item made of leather, but leather alternatives have become popular options for those who don’t want to own a leather rug, too.

However, if you’re interested in purchasing a leather rug, you can find a lot of beautiful options in several different styles. Leather is most commonly available in white, gray, black, brown, or tan, simply because these are the most natural colors it can be found in. White leather may sometimes be dyed or printed with other colors, however, so you can find leather rugs frequently available in geometric patterns and stripes as well. Of course, if you’re looking for a leather rug that looks like a cow hide spread on your floor, those are still widely available, too.

Best Sizes of Leather Area Rugs

It’s much more common to find leather rugs available in small to medium sizes than it is to find very large ones. This often has to do with how expensive these rugs can be to produce. Because of the production costs involved, they may be a little too pricey for many buyers in larger sizes. They may also be unwieldy and heavy, and nearly impossible to keep clean. If you really are determined and don’t mind the price as well as the cleaning difficulties, a leather shag in a size over 10’ wide can be a beautiful addition to a warm, comfortable room.

However, for the most part, you’ll probably be working with sizes between 4x6 and 8x10 feet when you’re shopping for leather rugs. You can find these rugs in looped shag style as well as woven printed rugs, and this is also the size you’ll most likely be looking at when you choose a full hide style leather rug, too. If you’re looking for leather shag throw rugs in smaller sizes, you can find them, too. Pretty much, as long as you’re not looking for an extra large rug, you won’t be limited in terms of the size you choose when you want to go with leather.

What Shapes of Leather Rugs are Available?

Leather rugs are available in a few different shapes. If you want to create a more traditional or transitional space, you might want to stick to the basics and go with a rectangular or square rug. They’re available in plenty of sizes, and they can help you make the most of your room whether you go with shag or woven leather. Woven leather can look a little more traditional than shag, but it’s more likely to be printed with geometric patterns, so be sure to decorate appropriately if you want to balance this space into a transitional style.

For a more contemporary look, a solid color red, white, black, or blue shag rug can be an incredible centerpiece in just about any room. You can purchase these rugs in round shapes of many different sizes to help you design the room of your dreams. You’re sure to surprise and delight all your guests as well as your family when you use a 6’ round shag leather rug in the middle of your upscale, contemporary living room!

What is the Best Room for Using Leather Rugs?

You can certainly use a leather rug in any room in your home, but you might have better luck keeping leather away from the kitchen and dining room. In these rooms, your rug is much more likely to come into contact with food and water, both of which can be quite damaging to real leather. If you absolutely must use leather in your dining room, stick to a black or white Safavieh leather rug in a very small size and use it as a throw or accent piece. You might even consider just using a runner rug in place of a full size option in this situation.

In the living room or bedroom, a neutral color like a grey leather shag rug can be a great starting point for just about any type of style you want to create. Keep things neutral to allow yourself to work either with more traditional styles or with something very modern. You’ll be surprised at just how long your leather rug can last you when you use it in the right room of your home and take care to maintain it properly over the years. Be sure to keep leather rugs away from the fireplace if at all possible.

While leather area rugs might not be for everyone, they can be an incredible centerpiece in a room that has a lot of sophistication and style. You might want to use your leather rug in an incredibly contemporary space, and you might also want to use it in a transitional room by utilizing this very modern rug surrounded by many more traditional pieces of décor. However you choose to decorate with your leather rug, you’re sure to love the beautiful, warm, and refined sense of dignity you receive from making leather a part of your interior designing plans.

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