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Using Hemp Area Rugs for your Home's Décor

Stronger than cotton and great for the environment, hemp rugs lend a natural and durable touch to any floor. When used either indoors or out, hemp rugs have a naturally course texture that gradually softens over time. The dense, heavy weave of a hemp rug helps it lie flat and, unlike many other types of rugs, actually becomes stronger as it ages. Grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, organic hemp rugs are one of the greenest and most eco-friendly rugs choices you can make. Choose hemp area rugs by Safavieh area rugs in beautiful, soft colors like rust, caramel, and green that will lend a naturally rustic look to your kitchen, porch, or family room. These natural area rugs are also easy to care for: white vinegar mixed with mild dish soap is all you need to protect your hemp rug’s colors and fibers when cleaning.

Do you want to create a perfect casual space with a laid-back atmosphere that doesn’t skimp on appearance? A hemp rug can be the perfect addition to your casual space that can really bring the whole look together! If you decorate your room with a hemp rug, you can enjoy all the benefits of an eco friendly piece of home décor without worrying about where it comes from. This all-natural fiber is perfect for anyone who is environmentally-minded, but it’s also great for those looking to put together a beautiful interior space that invites guests and family members to kick back and enjoy some downtime.

What are Hemp Area Rugs Made of?

Hemp is a type of cannabis that used in the production of fibers and textiles. It has been used for making ropes and other types of fibers for over ten thousand years, and because it grows so quickly and so prolifically, it remains a very popular and common type of rug material even today. This is a durable material that comes straight from the earth, so anyone interested in creating an eco friendly and completely biodegradable interior space can do a lot with a beautifully woven hemp rug in the room. If you have any concerns about using a member of the cannabis family in your interior decorating, don’t worry—this is a different plant, even if they’re related.

Hemp rugs are sometimes blended with other natural fibers such as cotton or even linen, but for the most part, they are available as 100% hemp products. They are usually a little bit rough and scratchy, which may put some people off from using them. However, if you make use of them in the right kind of space, you can enjoy the casual aesthetic appeal that comes from using a rug made of a plant-based fiber.

Best Sizes of Hemp Area Rugs

Hemp rugs look best in smaller sizes, although you can easily get away with a bigger one depending on the type of space you’re trying to create. A small round hemp rug can be the perfect addition to a casual space with a jungle or tropical theme. Use it at the foot of your favorite armchair or spread a 2x6 hemp runner rug along in front of your sofa to call to mind a tropical feeling every time you stand up. A small square or rectangular hemp rug can be the best way to add a little style to your entryway or back door, and you can even get a lot of use out of using these smaller rugs in the kitchen, too.

However, if you prefer to stick to larger rug options, don’t worry. You can find a great 8x10 or 10x12 hemp rug to help you create the room of your dreams. Once again, hemp works best in contemporary, modern spaces with a very casual feeling, but there’s nothing that says you can’t make a hemp rug the centerpiece of a transitional room as long as you choose a neutral color like brown, gold, ivory, or even black to help create the perfect starting point.

What Shapes of Hemp Rugs are Available?

Hemp area rugs are available in a few different shapes, although like many other types of natural fiber rugs, they’re most easily found in square and rectangle shapes. Since hemp is so commonly used in contemporary spaces, you might feel a little limited by only having simple shapes to work with, but don’t worry. A square or rectangle hemp rug is the perfect springboard for all sorts of styles that are just waiting for you to discover them. Choose one in a very rustic natural color—perhaps in the natural brown that the fibers come in before they’ve been bleached or dyed—and you’re already well on your way to an incredible, warm, cozy space with tons of comfort for everyone.

You can also find some round hemp rugs, although they are usually available in 2’, 3’, or 4’ round sizes. There aren’t a lot of larger round hemp rugs on the market, so if you want to use round rugs in your design, be sure to plan for a few smaller rugs instead of just one big one. This can be an especially nice style in the dining room or bedroom where you have a little more open floor space to work with.

What is the Best Room for Using Hemp Rugs?

Hemp rugs are strong enough to be used in just about any room of your home. The living room is a good place for a large hemp rug to help tie the space together and create a casual environment you and your whole family will love. However, if you prefer to keep your living room a little more refined in terms of décor, try using hemp rugs in the bedroom instead to create a little mini tropical getaway for yourself. This works doubly well if you happen to have a sun room in your home.

If you’ll be using your rug in the kitchen or dining room, you might want to choose an eco friendly fiber combination instead of relying on hemp alone. Jute hemp rugs are a nice material combo that work well together because of their similar textures. They are a little bit more durable than 100% hemp rugs because of the two different materials, and since they’re a little rough and natural, they’re easy to keep clean even in the presence of a lot of food and potential spills.

While hemp is a great choice for many casual, contemporary, or even transitional spaces, it’s not usually used in upscale traditional decorating. With that said, however, even if the interior of your home is very traditional, you might be able to find the perfect place for a hemp rug on your lanai, patio, or other outdoor space. Bring one into your sun room and help bridge the gap between the indoors and the outdoors perfectly. Whichever way you choose to decorate with hemp, you’re sure to love the natural and casual feeling you get from using it in your rugs.

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