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Best Ways of Using Chenille Area Rugs in your Home

Looking for a way to create a cozy spot in your home to relax with a cup of coffee or just sit and read a favorite book? Start with a chenille rug! Even in the most chaotic and busy of homes, everyone deserves a place just to sit, relax, and think. You can start to create yours with a couple of cozy chenille rugs. Mix and match these soft-as-a-cloud throw rugs by size, weave, and texture. Choose a color that best suites your tastes. Ask yourself, what color makes you feel relaxed and happy? You may want a soothing light green rug or a bright and sunny yellow rug for an instant pop of happiness. Next, add another chenille area rug in a coordinating color with a second begging-to-be-touched texture like a white shag area rug. Add a few oversized pillows and there your have it: instant cozy spot, just add peace and quiet!

Chenille rugs are an incredible way to add a sense of beauty and refinement to any room of your home. Although they’ve long been used in more traditional designs, they’re slowly becoming more and more popular in transitional and even some contemporary rooms as well. The way you work with a chenille rug is entirely up to you, and you can choose to let the fibers become the true spotlight of your space or allow them to flow with many different types of décor that work together to create the perfect mood for your room. Chenille is much more versatile than you might imagine, and with a beautiful rug made of this material in your home, you’ll have a space that’s worthy of showing off.

What are Chenille Area Rugs?

Chenille is a type of fabric or yarn that’s made from other types of all-natural fibers. It can be made with silk, cotton, wool, rayon, or a combination of any of these four. These products are processed to create chenille, so some people believe chenille isn’t a 100% all-natural eco friendly fiber. With that said, however, it still comes from a plant and has natural origins, so whether or not you choose to consider it a natural fiber is up to you.

Chenille area rugs are usually made from chenille yarn, which is designed to have a very rich, luxurious, velvety feeling without running as expensive as traditional velvet might. When used in rugs, whether hand-looped or machine made, chenille is piled high so that it sticks out from the backing of the rug. This helps create that velvet feeling and makes it easier for you to tell just how soft and plush these rugs really are. While you can find chenille blended with synthetic materials in some instances to help improve its durability, many people prefer to stick to real 100% chenille for their rugs because of how incredibly soft and beautiful it can be without any additional materials at all.

Best Sizes of Chenille Area Rugs

Depending on the type of chenille rug you’re looking for, you might choose from a few different available sizes. Although chenille isn’t a common material used for runner rugs or hearth rugs because of how delicate it is, chenille and chenille combination rugs can be found in very large and much smaller sizes for all sorts of room purposes. Viscose and chenille rugs made of a blended material may be found in big sizes like 10x14 or even 12x16, while very delicate 100% chenille rugs can be found in smaller sizes like 4x6 or even 6’ round rugs instead.

The size you choose to work with depends entirely on the room and style you’re planning to decorate. If you’ll be using your chenille rug in the bedroom, you might want to pick smaller accent pieces to help draw attention to certain parts of the room. If you’ll be using your rug in the living room, however, a massive chenille rug can be the best centerpiece you could possibly incorporate into your designs. Don’t be afraid to change up these common expectations, however, depending on the size of the room you’re working with and whether or not you want to create something unique and very contemporary as opposed to sticking to more traditional ideas.

What Shapes of Chenille Rugs are Available?

Chenille is most commonly found in square and rectangle rug shapes. You might be a little hard-pressed to find a uniquely shaped chenille rug, but you can make up for the traditional shapes by choosing a rug that has a modern or splashy pattern or going with one in a bold color, like vivid blue or even bright orange. Try looking for combinations of materials that can make your rug a little more original, too, such as a jute chenille rug or even a chenille hemp rug. Subvert the traditional expectations by working with the materials more than just working with the shapes.

You can also find a few oval and round chenille rugs to help you create a delicate traditional space, too. These rugs are great for very frilly, feminine rooms, and they can look amazing on the floor of a small reading nook or alongside your bed. You might be able to get away with using a large round chenille rug in your dining room, but if you try to do this, proceed with caution. Chenille can be very difficult to clean and keep from damaging in a space where food is present.

What is the Best Room for Using Chenille Rugs?

The bedroom is the best place to utilize a beautiful chenille rug in your traditional and transitional décor. Try a yellow chenille braided rug if you’re looking for something bright and airy that treads the line between contemporary colors and traditional materials and styles. A rug like this can look amazing next to a single armchair in one corner of your bedroom, and it an also look great in a slightly larger size beneath your bed, offset a little from the middle of your room. In the living room or parlor, a big rectangular chenille rug can be a beautiful addition to the space, too. Take care with chenille rugs in living rooms that are used often, since they can become damaged and stained fairly easily. However, if you’re a little bit cautious, a large 10x14 white chenille rug can be an absolutely gorgeous room centerpiece around which you can create just about any type of space.

Full chenille rugs and chenille blended rugs are both beautiful and elegant additions to any room. Create the kind of space you’ve always dreamed of by using chenille in your rug choices. These rugs can be found in just about any size and several different shapes to help you find the perfect look for your room. Although they’re usually considered more traditional rugs than many others made of different types of material, they can find their way into any space perfectly with the right design elements to help showcase them.

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