New Year New Rug Area Rug Sale
New Year New Rug Area Rug Sale

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These rugs are extremely popular as the contemporary style is a fast growing trend



Fantastic way to decorate room with tons of colors and textures



They become more popular not only for homes with a country feel but for any style home



These rugs are extremely popular as the stripe style is a fast growing trend



View collections of rugs with solid colors in different materials



Shag area rugs are all about touch and bringing softness to a room



A casual rug is not too decorative or modern but rather simplistic in pattern and colors



No matter where you live, you can add a bit of the southwest flair to your home

Black and White

Black & White

Bring a look of sophistication to a room that other rug colors simply cannot match



Floral area rugs are a beautiful way to add color and elegance to your home

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Bold Rugs offers factory direct pricing on a large assortment of area rugs in modern, floral, traditional, shag and contemporary styles. We also offer them and in many different colors such as orange, red, green, blue, brown, black and white and every color in between. Want to create a new look for your home? Start from the floor up with beautiful area rugs from Bold Rugs.

With our free shipping offer combined with discounted pricing on area rugs in shapes such as square, oval, round and from every size from small to large oversized rugs, you are sure to find that perfect rug for your home's decor. Whether you're in the market for rugs for your kitchen or for your kid's rooms, we've got your floors covered.

Shopping for discount rugs can be a little challenging. There are all sorts of different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and patterns available, and you might have a hard time figuring out the difference between traditional, transitional, and contemporary area rugs, too. You might not even be sure what kinds of colors you’re looking for, but that’s okay! Your search for good quality cheap area rugs doesn’t have to be complicated any longer. As long as you know what kind of room you want to decorate, you’re in the right place. Here, you can find all sorts of different discount area rugs to help you make the most incredible room you can imagine. All you have to do is read on!

Rug Shapes and Styles

There are a lot of different styles in the world of area rugs, but they mostly boil down to three: contemporary, transitional, and traditional. Traditional Safavieh or Surya rugs tend to focus on colors like brown, gray, navy blue, white, red, and green, although there are other colors you might find in these rugs, too. They’re usually rectangle, but they might also be square, depending on the type of rug you get. These rugs can be smaller in some instances, but usually, when you’re looking for a traditional rug, you want large or huge cheap floor rugs that can take up a lot of visual space. Contemporary rugs often feature a shag pile and are usually made of eco-friendly materials, although they might also be made of synthetic fibers. The most common shapes of contemporary rugs are oval and round variations, but you can find contemporary colors like vibrant purple, blue, solid black, black and white rugs, and bold red in pretty much every shape, too. More whimsical colors like yellow, orange, and bright green also fall into this category. Many companies, like Momeni and Dalyn, are starting to incorporate more modern designs into their catalogs. Modern rugs for sale are usually beautiful, large, bright throw rugs and floor rugs. Oversized colorful rugs fall into this category, too. Finally, transitional rugs combine the best of both worlds. You might find a rectangular rug made from a traditional fiber in a bright, colorful abstract design that’s more reminiscent of contemporary décor. This would be considered transitional. On the other hand, you might find a small round rug made from an eco friendly fiber that features a simple, delicate floral pattern in neutral tones. This is also a transitional rug. Companies like Nourison and Safavieh, as well as many others, tend to produce a lot of rugs that can work well for transitional styles.

Differernt types of Rug Materials

Rug materials fall into one of two categories: all natural and manmade. However, just like with rug styles, there is a third option that incorporates both, and that is known as synthetic blend fibers. All natural fibers include wool, jute, sisal, seagrass, and hemp, among others. These are all fibers that come from natural sources, whether they may be plant or animal. They are harvested using methods that are often sustainable and very eco friendly, which makes them popular choices among individuals who are looking to make environmentally conscious decisions in their home décor. Many bright, colorful, cheap rugs and oversized area rugs are made from these materials. Manmade materials include fibers like polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic, among others. These are chemically created fibers that can be found in all sorts of textiles, not just area rugs. They are often a little bit coarser than natural fibers—but not always—and they may be much more affordable discounted area rugs, depending on the method by which they are created. They’re most commonly used for machine made and power loomed rugs, but they can also be used in hand crafted rugs as well. You can find cheap throw rugs made from manmade fibers in all sorts of colors and styles. Synthetic blends combine manmade and all natural fibers to give you the best qualities from both. Cotton (a natural fiber) and polyester (a synthetic fiber), for example, are a common combination. These two work together to create a blend that’s very strong, resistant to staining, but quite soft. When you’re looking for a colorful, discount area rug that can get the job done without being too expensive, these are always a good option.

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An Inexpensive Price Doesn't Mean our Rugs are Cheap

We are able to offer you affordable pricing because we ship our area rugs direct to you from brands such as Momeni, Safavieh, KAS, Rizzy Rugs, Surya, Trans Ocean, Kaleen, Jaipur and Couristan. Our factory direct pricing, combined with our free shipping offer, along with high quality wool, seagrass, olefin and jute materials, means that you will be coming back for more at

Different Types of Rug Weaves

There are also two different types of rug weaves you’ll need to consider when making your decisions. The first of these is the hand made rug. This includes a lot of different types of rugs, such as hand loomed, hand hooked, hand knotted, hand tufted, and hand woven. All of these terms basically refer to different methods of attaching rug fibers to a rug backing. As long as this portion of the rug creation process is done by a human being, then these are considered hand made rugs. Sometimes, hand made rugs are finished with a machine to make them a little more durable, but this is only true of reinforcement stitching and backing. The main portion of the rug is always made by hand. Traditional colorful discount area rugs are often made by hand. Machine made rugs, however, are completed entirely on a machine. These rugs are often referred to as power loomed, although technically, a machine made rug doesn’t necessarily involve a loom at all. These rug are made from the same methods that hand made rugs can be, but they rely on machines to complete the process instead of people. They are usually much more affordable than the alternative, but some people believe the quality isn’t as nice. In most cases, however, they are very beautiful and durable rugs that look as great as a hand made rug in any room. Modern bright colored area rugs for sale are often machine made, but not always. You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting the perfect rug for your home. If you choose to decorate several rooms of your home with rugs, you’re probably especially concerned with bringing home inexpensive, discounted area rugs for sale, and that’s okay! No matter what style you’re trying to create in your home, you can find a lot of beautiful inexpensive large area rugs on sale to help you put together the room you’ve always wanted. Remember that you need to choose between the style you want, the materials you’re interested in, and the weave you prefer. Once you have these elements figured out, it should be easy to determine the right kind of rug for your home.