Top 50 Wildest Area Rugs Ever Made!

Often it seems like a room just isn’t complete without a rug. Wild and colorful area rugs can completely change the feel and look of your home. The styles you choose depend on the type of effect you are going for. These unique rugs add a cheerful and unusual accent detail to any room. Some use colors in fascinating ways while others play with shapes and proportions. Take a look at these 50 area rugs that are so intriguing it’s hard to decide what’s their best features.

  1. The Big Fried Egg Rug
    This delicious looking rug was designed by Architect Valentina Audrito’s. The comfy carpet was a hit at the Milan furniture fair.

2. Pieces of Color Block Rug
These rugs look as if someone put a bunch of carpet samples together but they’re fantastic. They are misshapen and full of wild bright colors and will add a bold accent to any room.

  1. Puzzle Rug
    If you enjoy mixing things up from time to time then take a look at this rug. How much fun would this rug be in a family or game room? You can mix the colors and create your very own patterns.—–RUGS-THAT-INSPIRE-ADVENTURE

  1. Storm Trooper Rug
    With Star Wars so hot right now, both old fans and new can get their geek on with this Disney area rug.

  1. Forest Area Rug
    With an array of designs, these rugs let you bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors! From grassy valleys and rolling hills, each rug is sculptured to resemble nature.

  1. Zebra Flower Rug
    This area rug may be only black and white, but its unique shape puts it on our top 50 list. Use it under a small round table and see how it livens up your room.


  1. Mangas Rug Collection
    This series of rugs by designer Patricia Urquiola starts on the floor and ends at the ceiling! Now that’s an area rug!

8. Knitted Animal Rugs
These area rugs are hand knitted in the shape of animals making them the perfect area rug for any children’s room.


9. Rainbow Leather Shag Rug
This is not the shag carpet you may remember from your childhood. This multi-colored area is made from bits of leather putting a unique twist on the favorite rug of the 70’s.

  1. Tree Stump Rug
    Would you use a slice of wood as a rug? You would if it were as comfy and soft as this one. These area rugs are designed with tree patterns that make them look like they are made from actual wood making them a hot home décor.

  1. Flat Stone Rug
    Made to resemble stones, this rug looks fantastic on a marble floor, in a bathroom, or a cozy den.

  1. Rose Rug
    Designer Svetlana Shellshear takes the textural leather rug idea several steps further by offering stylized floral motifs composed of leather in dimensional layers of blossoms and leaves. Svetlana Shellshear’s style is original and fresh for interiors.

  1. Broinha Irregular
    This funky rug was designed by Claudia Araujo and can be as small or as big as you desire. Its irregularity would look great in a guest room of a country house.

  1. Hitler Rug
    It may be a bit on the gruesome side, but there is a certain satisfaction in walking all over this one.

  1. Stencil-Like Rug
    Stencil rugs are sculptured with a brilliant array of graphic forms, texture, and color, all while boasting stencil-like cutouts.

16. Coffee Bag Rug
If soft and comfy isn’t what you’re looking for, this coffee bag rug made from a burlap sack is the perfect conversation piece for any room.

Pixel area rug

  1. Pixelated Rug
    This handcrafted rug made from woven leather resembles the pixels of a picture and looks great under a coffee table or in an office.

  1. Swimming Pool Rug
    Just because you can’t have an indoor pool doesn’t mean you should just give up on the idea. Make a splash by adding this cool rug to your rec room! Bathing suit not required.

  1. Felted Stone Rug
    Though it may look like the stone rug mentioned earlier, this area carpet is made with soft fuzzy felt giving it a layer of comfort not found with the aforementioned rug.

Faux Zebra Hide Area Rug

20. Faux Zebra Hide
Safavieh’s Faux Hide area rugs are perfect for animal lovers who prefer not to use the real thing. Show your wild side by throwing one of these down in your living room!

  1. Grass Rug
    This fun, modern rug designed by Lion Brand makes a great gift and can be crocheted to any size imaginable. The use of 3 different shades of green gives it its natural look.


  1. Labyrinth Maze Rug
    Remember that scary maze in The Shining? This plush area rug is designed to resemble an old English hedge maze garden similar to the one in the Stephen King movie. Ghosts not included.

  1. Pom Pom Rug
    This another DIY rug made of course from pom poms! It is from the ‘Pippa Patchwork’ pattern and is so cozy and cute you’ll want to cuddle your toes into it.

Arcade area rug

  1. Arcade Rug
    The Momeni Lil Mo Whimsy Arcade rug is a fun, whimsical rug that can trigger your child’s imagination. This “Pac-man meets space invaders” carpet adds a playful element to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

  1. Cookie Monster Rug
    This fuzzy creature with his vibrant blue fur and googly eyes can now become a cute addition to any room thanks to creative guru Michael Warren’s DIY instructions. Throw in the matching cookie pillows and you can make a kid’s day!

  1. Forest Floor Rug
    This sculptured floor rug can turn any living room into a relaxing forest complete with riverbed. Combine it with an earthy color palette and create an instant themed décor.

  1. Roll-out Rug
    This rolling rug system gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy the benefits of a multi-purpose, variable-length soft surface on demand. In a hardwood floor mood? Just roll it back up!

  1. Stamp Rug
    Though not for everyone, a stamp rug adds an interesting twist to a traditional setting. Throw a few antique pieces around it and create an unusual design which could work in an office, library, or even in a hotel.

  1. Slipper Rug
    There is nothing like this bedside rug with built-in slippers for when you have to get out of bed on those bitterly cold Winter mornings. Now if only it were heated…

  1. Rivers of Color
    These rugs from Tejo Remy/Rene Veenhuizen are made from recycled wool blankets. There shapes and colors can be anything you imagine, and no two rugs are ever the same.

  1. Road Kill Rug
    This luxurious and rich rug will raise eyebrows with its messy depiction of splattered fox adorned at one corner. A little gross, but it is no doubt a conversation piece of a rug!

  1. Footprint Rug
    Not sure why you’d want this one as it looks like you are in dire need of a carpet cleaning, but it is fun none-the-less and looks kinda cool in a child’s room.

    Floor Fun

  1. Piano Rug
    This huge area rug has a fabulous creative design. With its simple black and white color combination, it goes with virtually any décor. And it obviously is perfect for a piano room.

  1. Rope Rug
    What started out as a display is now a DYI hit among the creative. It uses cut cardboard as a base, then rope is glued down in swirls and circles resembling flowers.

  1. Field of Flowers Rug
    This whimsical rug gets its beautiful appearance from flower shaped pieces of felt. Its surface is full of volume and constant movement giving it a “live” feel.

  1. Crocheted Video Game Rugs
    If Pac-man, Donkey Kong, and Mario Brothers are your thing, then you will go crazy over this series of handmade rugs.

  1. Miniature Town Rug
    Imagine the fun your kids can have with a rug like this one. It’s like a miniature town, with parks, houses, roads, and everything else.

  1. Moss Rug
    Your toes will wiggle with joy on this innovative bathroom carpet created by Nguyen La Chanh. Made entirely of moss, this rug brings new meaning to “green living.”

  1. Pebble Rug
    If you want to bring a little nature look in try this rug. Though it may look like it’s made of pebbles, it’s actually pretty soft.

  1. Drop Dead Rug
    This concept rug was designed by Alex Carpenter and draws inspiration from the classic movie murder chalk outline.

    Drop Dead Rug: Murder and Shag Collide

  1. 3D Sinkhole Rug
    If nothing else, this rug makes a great conversation piece. Be careful not to step in the hole!

  1. Coral Rug
    This unique rug is made of 100% wool pile that is hand-knotted with felt corals along the edges. It has an almost “living” feel to it.

  1. Colored Pencil Rug
    Combining beautiful textures and playful images with bold colors gives this rug a definite wow factor. This cheerful rug is perfect for your home office, playroom, or the kids’ room.

  1. Bicycle Tires Rug
    This durable rug is from designer Nani Marquina and is made entirely out of recycled bicycle tires.

  1. Collage Rug
    This innovative series by Swedish artist Jonathan Josefsson are made from textured strips of colored carpet fabric and come in a variety of shapes and colors, each unique.
    rug collage / Jonathan Josefsson


  1. Hopscotch Rug
    You can throw out the chalk and come in from the sidewalk with this rug. What kid wouldn’t want this fun rug in their room?

  1. Cobblestone Rug
    The construction of this rug and the softness of the chamois fabric create a cushy, lush pile that your bare feet will love.

  1. Pebble Path Rug
    Yet another pebble/stone rug, but this one forms a path that is soft to walk on.  Even includes some grass like shoots.

  1. Cowhide Puzzle Rug
    This puts a unique twist on the typical Cowhide rugs by adding the puzzle element. You can change the shape or the pattern to suit your mood.

Pirate area rug

  1. Pirate Rug
    Arrrrr…Add some adventure to your little one’s room with a Pirate rug. Treasure map included!

  1. Flying Area Rug
    This impressive bit of 3D design is basically a carpet you can relax on while playing games, watching tv, and anything else you have in mind.
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