The Best Perfectly Round Area Rugs for Your Home

The Best Perfectly Round Area Rugs for Your Home

Do you love round area rugs? Do you find yourself wishing you could decorate your home with one or more of them? Are you looking for some soft curves in your interior design rather than the harsh angles of traditional rectangular or square area rugs? If any of this sounds like you, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll show you many beautiful and stunning round area rugs you may want to choose for use in your home. These rugs come in a variety of different styles and sizes, so you never have to feel too limited by what you can use.

Keep in mind that round rugs may not work well for every room, however, and that it can take some creativity to bring one into certain styles and design elements. These rugs are ideal for modern homes with lots of bold pops of color and unique designs throughout. They may be harder to blend into a traditional room, but that doesn’t mean this is impossible; you just need to be careful about choosing round rugs that are made of wool or another traditional material and feature traditional prints and colors as well. With a little planning, you can bring a round rug into just about any home.

Safavieh Heritage Blue and Gray Area Rug

Let the unique geometric design of the Safavieh Heritage Blue and Gray Area Rug do all the talking in your home. This rug is extremely traditional and can be used to its fullest extent in an old-fashioned and extravagant home design. The rug features ivory as the backdrop color with beige, tan, dark brown, and rust orange elements throughout. It is finished off with some subtle greens to complete the look.

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This rug is available in a 3.5’ round, a six-foot round, an eight-foot round, and a ten-foot round option. It is hand tufted and made of 100% wool.

Safavieh Shag Red Area Rug

The Safavieh Shag Red Area Rug is the perfect fit for many modern and contemporary spaces. This rug is bright, vibrant red with subtle notes of darker, deeper red throughout. It features a high pile and a unique texture that is sure to make it stand out when you use it along with black and white for a monochrome and pop of color style.

This rug is available as a four-foot round option that is perfect for offsetting another area rug or for use in a modern dining room. It is hand woven and made of polyester with a cotton backing.

Nourison 2000 Slate Area Rug

If your room is very traditional and needs a bold statement as its centerpiece, the Nourison 2000 Slate Area Rug may be able to help. This rug features a black backdrop with gold, brown, and ivory floral and geometric patterns and prints in the foreground. It is finished with a thin border that ties the whole look together.

This rug comes in a four-foot round, a six-foot round, and an eight-foot round option so you can choose between an accent piece or a full centerpiece for your home. It is hand tufted and made of 80% wool and 20% silk. Its materials and design elements combine to create a truly traditional rug through and through.

Momeni New Wave Blue Area Rug

When you need splashes of modern color in your home, the Momeni New Wave Blue Area Rug may be able to help. This rug includes ivory, gray, light and dark blue, black, yellow, and red in a colorblock style. It incorporates both geometric designs and an abstract concept to create a stunning contemporary rug.

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This area rug comes in a 5’9” round or a 7’9” round option. To help keep it more transitional, it is made of 100% wool and is hand tufted.

Momeni New Wave Black Area Rug

The Momeni New Wave Black Area Rug is a unique and bold piece that is sure to make a statement in a contemporary room, and may even work in some transitional spaces nicely as well. This rug features large splashes of gold and cream against a black backdrop, with plenty of circular and curved design elements to bring the whole look throughout the rug, too.

This piece is available as a 5’9” round rug or as a 7’9” round rug. It is hand tufted and made of 100% real wool, which makes it a transitional rug despite its extremely modern and contemporary design.

Jaipur Coastal Resort Schooled Area Rug

Bring a little whimsy into your favorite room with the Jaipur Coastal Resort Schooled Area Rug. This rug features a blue backdrop with several alternating colors of fish in different sizes silhouetted in the foreground. These colors include green, yellow, dark blue, and ivory.

This rug is available as an 8-foot round option, so you can make it the star of any room in your home. It is hand tufted and made of 89% real wool and 11% artist silk.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best round rugs out there, it’s time to pick your favorite and figure out how to decorate with round rugs in your home! These rugs are a great way to bring some style and sophistication to the rooms of your home, and you may even be able to find some that can be used in outdoor areas as well. Although some of these rugs may be much more contemporary than others, you can even incorporate some of them into traditional rooms as well.

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Keep in mind that, for the most part, you’re probably going to be creating transitional spaces when you choose round area rugs. Because of the combination of colors, materials, makes, and design elements along with the round shape of the rug, many of these products fall squarely into a transitional label. Of course, this doesn’t stop you from choosing all contemporary or all traditional for the rest of your furnishings and décor, so don’t let your area rug choice prevent you from putting together the room of your dreams with the styles you love the most represented throughout.