Three Mistakes to Avoid with Round Area Rugs

Round rugs can be a bit tricky. Round rugs can be give the feeling that a space is smaller than it actually is, and if they aren’t used correctly, they can throw a room off balance. Here are three mistakes that you want to avoid with the use of floor coverings in this shape.

Mistake #1
Using Small Floor Coverings – Small round items definitely have their place in your home, however in larger open spaces, this should be avoided. In this instance, they don’t make the space appear to be smaller. Instead, the large space and the shape makes it look very tiny, and it usually looks completely out of place.

Mistake #2
Using large round rugsLike small rugs, large ones can also be misused. As mentioned, a round item in general often makes a space appear to be smaller than it is, and a large one can make the space feel closed and crowded.

Mistake #3
Failing to match the size with the size of the furnishings in the room.  – Have you ever seen a bed with a round area rug on the floor either at the side or end of the bed? Did it look funny? If it did, this is because the round area rug that was selected was not in proportion with the length or width of the bed. Ideally, the round area rug will only be a foot or two shorter than the furnishing that it is placed near. You must use caution in this, however, because the size of the rug, again, can dwarf the room in general.

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If you avoid these common mistakes you can successfully use round rugs to create sitting areas and other specialized areas in your home or office, as they are commonly used to give this exact definition of space.

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