8 Elegant Black Area Rugs for Any Space

8 Elegant Black Area Rugs for Any Space

Sometimes, your home needs to look a little bit classier and more upscale than it currently does. Regardless of what type of interior space you have to work with, you can easily make this happen by incorporating a black area rug into the design. You may need to choose a smaller black rug for a smaller space like an apartment or condo, or you might be able to go with something large, dark, and daring on the floor of your formal dining room in a larger home. No matter which way you need to decorate, there’s a black area rug out there just waiting for you to discover it.

Safavieh Chelsea

When you’re looking for a fun and quirky rug for your kitchen or dining room, the Safavieh Chelsea rug is sure to help. This black and white diamond-patterned rug includes a wide border with whimsical white scrollwork to offset the pattern and help the rug blend in with the room as well.

This rug is available in a variety of sizes and in shapes including round, runner, and rectangular. It is hand hooked and made of wool. Because of the modern design and traditional materials, it falls into the transitional category.

Safavieh HK311A

Take a different route with your black area rug when you go with the Safavieh HK311A instead. This rug features a black backdrop with gem tones in the foreground. These shades of green, blue, red, and yellow are used to make up a floral print with a separate floral border. Together, the rug combines to create a mostly traditional feeling with some touches of the contemporary in the size of the print.

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This rug can be found in rectangular, runner, and oval shapes and in several different sizes. It is hand hooked and made of wool, so it has a more traditional design than some other transitional pieces.

Safavieh Shag

Sometimes, your dining room, living room, or bedroom needs a solid black shag rug to complete the overall contemporary look you want to provide. If this is the case for you and your home, look no further than this Safavieh Shag area rug. This rug comes in several sizes and is completely solid black, making it ideal for contemporary monochrome rooms or for balancing other dark colors in your home.

This rug is hand tufted and is made of polyester. It is a very modern rug that is soft and comfortable for use in any part of your home.

Surya Bristol

Choose the Surya Bristol area rug for a geometric contemporary look that works well in living rooms and dining rooms alike. This rug is only available in a 5’x8’ rectangular option, but this is the perfect size for many of the rooms in which this rug might feature. The rug includes black, gray, and lighter gray rectangular bricks that provide an abstract geometric print worthy of any modern space.

This rug is hand loomed and made of wool. Therefore, although it has a very stylish and modern appearance, it does fall into the transitional category thanks to its more traditional design elements.

Couristan Recife

The Couristan Recife is the perfect centerpiece for any room that has a Gothic flair. This rug is black in the backdrop and includes a deep, rich golden border and centerpiece element. These designs feature cutouts to allow the black backdrop to show through and balance the look of this stunning dark rug even more. The abstract scrollwork and geometric design of this piece is very traditional.

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The rug comes in many sizes and in square or rectangular shapes. It is flat woven in a traditional process, but is made of polypropylene, so it remains a transitional piece.

Momeni Heavenly

When you want to put together a stylish and sophisticated modern black-and-white room, you need the right area rug to make it happen. The Momeni Heavenly area rug is sure to do the trick. This rug is black in the background with a white geometric repeating pattern in the foreground. It features a very modern and sleek appearance that looks great in dining rooms and in living rooms.

This rug comes in a couple of rectangular sizes and in a four-foot round option. It is hand tufted and made of polyester, so it’s durable as well as contemporary.

Trans Ocean Sorrento Rugby Stripe

The Trans Ocean Sorrento Rugby Stripe area rug provides an alternative for anyone searching for the perfect rug for a black-and-white space. This rug features a repeating striped design that doesn’t wave in size or shape. It comes in a few rectangular or runner options and is also available as an eight-foot square are rug for a unique visual statement in any room.

This rug is hand woven and is made of polyester. It’s safe for use outdoors as well as indoors and looks great as part of a porch or patio setup with a modern twist.

Nourison Michael Amini Glistening Nights

Choose the Nourison Michael Amini Glistening Nights area rug when you want something truly unique on your floor. This rug is designed to look like pebbles or cobblestones with a shine, although it is entirely made out of fibers. The black, gray, and white colors work together to create a stunning display that will be a showstopper in any room.

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This rug is available in many rectangular sizes as well as a few runners. It is machine made of polypropylene, so it’s very durable as well as completely modern and contemporary. This rug may be used outdoors, but it is best used in indoor spaces.


With so many beautiful black area rugs to choose from, you may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed! Just remember to stick to the design elements you would use with any other type of rug for best results. You don’t want to overdo it in terms of visual weight, and a darker rug can be heavier visually than a lighter one. Remember, too, to choose a material that works for the part of the home where you’ll be using your rug. With a little extra planning, you’re sure to pick the perfect new addition to your home in no time.