Choosing the Right Size Rug for Your Space

Choosing the Right Size Rug for Your Space

Are you looking to decorate a room or even your whole home with area rugs? If so, you may be wondering what size rug is right for you. Depending on the type of room you’re setting up, you may want to choose a larger or smaller piece, but it can be challenging to figure that out. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down the options and determine the perfect rug size no matter what type of room you’ll be decorating. Read on to find some of the best tips to help you get started.

Consider Your Theme

Picking the right rug size for your home is largely a matter of deciding what type of theme you want to work with. There are three main styles of area rugs and interior home décor, as well: traditional, contemporary, and transitional. In order to choose the perfect rug (and the right size), you’ll need to start by figuring out which of these stylistic themes you’re going with.

Traditional area rugs are the old-fashioned type. You may think of antique Persian rugs or opulent pieces found in the homes of nobility when you think of traditional rugs, and that’s because these are the inspiration for today’s modern takes on classic styles. When you are sticking with a fully traditional style in your room or home, you’ll need to pick rugs that are larger to make it all come together. Larger rugs were more common during the days of these antique pieces, and selecting a spacious rug that covers most of your floor and functions as the centerpiece of your room is a great way to make a traditional space work.

Contemporary rugs, on the other hand, are all about varying sizes. You can get away with using a small throw rug or a pair of rugs in two totally different sizes if you’re decorating a contemporary room. You might use several accent pieces or even stick to just one runner rug. The size options vary a lot more in this style, but they tend to stick to the medium and small versions of rugs for most situations.

Finally, transitional rooms combine the best of both worlds. To choose the right transitional area rug, you’ll first need to decide on the style you want. If you want your rug to have a traditional appearance, you should select a smaller version of the rug to give it a contemporary feel and help combine both design elements. On the other hand, if you choose a solid color rug or something abstract and modern, you can make it work in a transitional space by choosing an oversized rug for this purpose instead.

Picking your room’s theme is the first step toward figuring out the right area rug size for your needs.

Pick the Right Shape

Some rug shapes work great in larger sizes, while others would look strange or awkward if they were too big. Choosing the shape you want is a good way to help you narrow down the size of your new rug. For example, if you want to go with a rug that has a unique shape—such as a flower or a heart—you’ll most likely want to stick to a smaller size, unless you’re going for a very unique and modern room. On the other hand, going with a rug that’s got a traditional shape like a rectangle may mean you can work with just about any size you like.

Round rugs should be kept in smaller sizes unless you’re using them as a centerpiece to a modern and contemporary or transitional room. A large round rug can be paired with a smaller one for a very upscale and popular look. A large oval rug, however, can give your room a quaint, country feeling, especially if you choose a braided rug for this purpose.

When picking the size of your rug, you’ll need to consider the shapes you like to help you choose.

Think About Usage

How will you be using your area rug? Is it going to be the centerpiece to your room, or is it going to simply guide the eye or serve as a visual block between two parts of an open concept home? Do you want something for an accent or do you want a piece of textile art that will draw the attention of everyone who sets foot into the space? All of these are important questions when trying to determine the right size rug for your needs.

Obviously, if you want a show stopping centerpiece rug, you’ll need to go with something larger. Even the most beautiful and elegant of rugs isn’t going to draw that much attention if it’s only a couple of feet wide! On the other hand, if you prefer to use your rugs to connect the stylistic themes in your room and serve as an accent or complement to the rest of the furnishings, then by all means, stick to smaller pieces. If you’re trying to let a piece of furniture or artwork on the wall take center stage, make sure to choose smaller rugs so they don’t outshine the piece you want to use as the room’s focal point instead.

Measure Your Room

Last but not least, be sure to measure your room! This may go without saying, but you don’t want to go shopping for your new rug only to get there and realize you have no idea how big the room actually is. It can be even more beneficial to draw a scale drawing of your room’s layout and think about where you want to position your rug before you ever buy one. This way, too, you can keep an eye on the size of the rug and how much room it’s going to take up on the floor, and this can help you make the final decision when it comes to picking the right size.

By keeping all of these suggestions in mind, you’ll be well on your way to decorating your home with the right size of area rug in no time.

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