8 Seagrass Rugs You Won’t Want to Miss

8 Seagrass Rugs You Won’t Want to Miss

Have you ever heard of seagrass? Did you know there are rugs made out of it? Seagrass is a natural fiber that is similar to reeds and can be found growing in the water. Some seagrass rugs remain natural and are therefore neutral in color, while others may be dyed in a variety of different ways to provide unique and beautiful appearances throughout. In some instances, seagrass may be combined with other materials for texture or durability purposes. However, this is not always the case. Check out our seagrass rug picks below to help you find a beautiful new piece of textile art for your home in no time.

Surya Village

The Surya Village seagrass area rug features a neutral-color center with no added dyes and is bordered by a thin blue fabric finish. This rug comes in three rectangular sizes so you can choose between a small, a medium, or a large option.

This is a hand woven area rug that is made of 100% seagrass. For this reason, it is very eco-friendly and is safe for the environment. It can be used indoors, but it is more than durable enough for use outdoors on a porch or patio as well. The blue trim helps you tie this rug into any casual contemporary décor.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Gold

The Safavieh Natural Fiber and Gold area rug is a durable and convenient indoor/outdoor rug that can be used in a variety of different ways. This rug features a thicker weave than the previous option and is finished in yellow-gold instead of blue. This allows it to tie into warmer colors and to look bright and cheerful in outdoor spaces.

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This rug comes in a wide variety of sizes and includes rectangular, square, and round options. It is power loomed, so it’s a little more durable than some of the handmade rugs on our list.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Olive

With the Safavieh Natural Fiber and Olive area rug, you can enjoy a stylish neutral tone rug that looks great inside your home as well as out. This rug is especially nice for use in sunrooms or dining rooms, but it can be used almost anywhere you need just a little color but a lot of texture.

This rug features a neutral seagrass center and an olive green fabric trim. It comes in many rectangular and square sizes and is power loomed for extra durability and long-lasting use.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Light Blue

When you’re looking for the perfect rug for your porch or patio, you may want something with a splash of blue to help you tie it into your décor and designs. Go with the Safavieh Natural Fiber and Light Blue area rug and you won’t be disappointed! This rug features a thick weave and a neutral tone center with a light blue fabric trim.

This rug comes in several rectangular sizes as well as a couple of round options to suit any need. It is power loomed and built to last a long time, even when used outside.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Blue

Go with the Safavieh Natural Fiber and Blue area rug when you want a seagrass rug that works great with any nautical-themed room or space. Decorate your porch or patio with a beach or ship theme and enjoy the dark blue accent and easygoing tropical vibe of this durable rug. This rug also looks great in smaller sizes when used in bathrooms.

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The rug comes in runner and rectangular sizes as well as a few round rug choices. It is power-loomed and eco-friendly so you never have to worry about making a good decision for the environment.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Ivory

Now that you’ve seen a lot of seagrass rugs that utilize color to offset the tone and texture of the material, you may be wondering about those that do not. With the Safavieh Natural Fiber and Ivory area rug, you can enjoy the best of the seagrass fibers without having to be distracted from their overall natural look and beauty.

This rug is available in runner, round, and rectangular sizes and is power loomed for durability. It has a more delicate overall appearance than the other rugs in this line that are on our list, and it is sure to help make your space look that much more light and airy.

Safavieh Natural Fiber and Black

On the other hand, if you’re searching for a rug with a more stunning presence that will help section off part of your room or outdoor space visually, you may want to go with the Safavieh Natural Fiber and Black rug instead. This product features the neutral tones of seagrass outline with a thin black border that keeps it looking stylish, sophisticated, and classy.

This power loomed area rug comes in several sizes and many different shapes to suit your needs. It is safe for use indoors or out.

NuLOOM Elijah Seagrass with Border

The NuLOOM Elijah Seagrass with Border rug features a different weave and thickness than the other rugs on this list. It has a more overall natural look and allows the individual fibers to be more visible in the finished rug. It includes a border, but the border is neutral and chosen to match the color of the rug itself.

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This rug comes in round and rectangular options and in many different sizes. It is machine woven and designed to help you put together a casual outdoor space or indoor room with a natural theme.


Now that you’ve had a chance to get acquainted with seagrass rugs, it’s time to choose your favorite and bring it home right away! You may even want to bring home more than one, depending on the type of interior décor you’re going for in your home. Take your time and remember to choose the right rug size, shape, and color to work with the type of room you’re putting together as well. And don’t forget to brush up on the proper way to clean seagrass, too!