8 Surya Rugs that are Sure to Delight

8 Surya Rugs that are Sure to Delight

When you’re looking for a new area rug, you probably want to go with a brand name you’ve heard of before, right? If this is true of you, then you might want to work with Surya for your area rug needs. Surya has been around for a long time and continues to provide beautiful rugs that are on the forefront of styles and trends as well. With many different selections to choose from across all design options, there is sure to be a Surya rug out there just waiting for you to make it a part of your interior design.

Surya Athena

Choose the Surya Athena area rug when you’re looking for something that can be either traditional or transitional depending on how you use it. This rug features a neutral colored backdrop with warm tones in the border, which is made up of vines and leaves that give it a decidedly autumnal appearance.

The rug is available in sizes ranging from 2×3 rectangular to 12×15 rectangular with many unique size and shape combinations in between. With this hand-tufted wool area rug, you can get the most out of a traditional or transitional space while including neutral and warm tones throughout.

Surya Harput

The stylish and upscale Surya Harput area rug is available in a 3’11”x5’7” rectangular area rug size up to a 9’3”x12’6” rectangular size with a couple of options in between. Although this rug doesn’t come in as many different size and shape options as some of the others listed here, it is nevertheless a great choice for bedrooms, playrooms, or even living rooms with a very modern twist.

This area rug is machine woven and is made of manmade polypropylene fibers. This makes it a very modern, contemporary rug, as does its design. Featuring multicolored rectangular blocks that give it an abstract look, this rug is truly very unique.

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Surya Caesar

The Surya Caesar area rug features a neutral beige backdrop with an abstract and slightly floral print throughout the rug. The print is made up of shades of gray, gold, and a little bit of dark rust red that gives the piece a pop of color here and there. This rug is very transitional due to its traditional colors and design elements combined with the larger print of the design and lack of a border.

The rug comes in sizes ranging from 2×3 rectangular through 12×15 rectangular and comes in several options. It is hand tufted and made of wool.

Surya Aberdine

Choose sizes ranging from 2’2”x3’ rectangular through 7’6”x10’6” rectangular when you go with the Surya Aberdine rug. This beautiful transitional rug showcases a white backdrop with varying shades of blue in the foreground. The floral and geometric designs as well as the thick border work together to give this rug a traditional appearance that ties into old-fashioned styles.

This area rug is made of polypropylene and is machine made. Therefore, it falls into the transitional category instead of the traditional, despite its exceedingly traditional overall look and appearance.

Surya Houseman

If you’re looking for a centerpiece rug for a smaller room or dining room that falls into the contemporary design category, you may be interested in the Surya Houseman rug. This rug comes in only a 5’x8’ rectangular size, so you will be limited in size options. However, its bright, vibrant blue offset by gray and black works wonderfully with its geometric print to provide an excellent contemporary piece for your home.

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This rug is hand crafted and is made of real leather, so keep this in mind if you are trying to stay away from animal products in your home furnishings.

Surya Modern Classics

The beautiful and elegant Surya Modern Classics area rug is hand tufted and made of 100% real wool. This rug is designed to look like an animal print without being as over-the-top as many other types of animal print rugs might be. The design is subtle and the neutral gray and beige tones combine to create a rug that looks classy in almost any space.

This rug comes in sizes ranging from 2’x3’ to 9’x13’, all of which are rectangular. It is a very contemporary and modern rug that’s sure to look great in a dining room, bedroom, or child’s playroom.

Surya Cosmopolitan

For a different twist on a modern and contemporary look, try the Surya Cosmopolitan area rug. This rug features a neutral gray backdrop with black, darker gray, white, and bright pops of blue in the foreground. Although the print is floral, it’s very large and splashy, so this rug looks much more contemporary than traditional.

This is a hand tufted rug that is made of polyester fibers. It may work in a transitional space as well as a modern one, and it comes in sizes from 2’x3’ rectangular to 9’x13’ rectangular. It is also available in an eight-foot round rug option.

Surya Bondi Beach

Last but not least, the Surya Bondi Beach rug is a perfect solution for spaces that need something a little more tropical on the floor. This rug has a beige backdrop and a unique teal blue foreground with a large, repeating bamboo print. The rug only features two colors, but uses these colors in a unique and stylish way.

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This rug comes in sizes from 2’x3’ rectangular to 9’x12’ rectangular. It is hand hooked and made of Categories Area Rugs