5 Throw Rugs Under 4’ Wide

5 Throw Rugs Under 4’ Wide

Do you need some stylish and beautiful small area rugs to help pull together the spaces in your home? Do you live in a smaller place, like an apartment or condo, that could use a little color on the floors? Or are you just looking to keep things a little more casual and modern by decorating with throw rugs instead of using one large area rug in the center of the room? Whatever your reason might be, if you’re on the hunt for some great area rugs that come in under four feet in length, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our favorite recommendations below.

Safavieh Heritage

Sometimes, you need an area rug that looks traditional but is still small enough to be considered transitional. This may happen when you want to create a traditional space but don’t have a very large home, or it could happen when you want to go for the transitional throughout your whole room. If any of this sounds like you, the Safavieh Heritage rug is here to help. This rug comes in sizes including 2×3, 3×3, 2×6, and more, so you can find the perfect fit for your home regardless of how you choose to use this piece.

This is a hand tufted rug, making it delicate and beautiful even when you choose to go with a smaller size. It’s also made of wool, so it is in keeping with the traditional when it comes to its material and design, too. The rug is traditional in appearance as well, featuring a cream backdrop with jewel tones including red, gold, dark blue, and green throughout the piece. It’s finished off with a rust-red trim and plenty of gold and brown accents to create the perfect traditional look that mimics its much larger rug cousins. This rug also includes a thin dark brown border around the edge for a finished appearance.

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Moment New Wave

If you find yourself searching for the perfect abstract piece to add to your modern living room or bedroom, you may be interested in the Momeni New Wave area rug. This rug comes in a couple of small sizes, so you can easily find the right fit for your space. And if you change your mind, you can always go with one of the bigger sizes offered, too. This is a hand tufted rug that is made of wool, so although it’s very modern in design, it’s quite traditional in terms of its make.

This area rug features a cream backdrop with big, bold slashes of dark blue, light blue, and teal in the foreground. It’s accented by gold trim around most of these bubbles of color, and the whole look comes together without any borders around the outside of the rug. If you’re looking for something vivid and stunning that is sure to draw attention to almost any part of your interior space, consider this vibrant area rug. It’s sure to make the statement you’re looking for.

Safavieh Courtyard

Go with the Safavieh Courtyard rug when you’re looking for something that can work in many different styles of interior space. This rug can look beautiful in a country style kitchen, but it can also make a splash in a casual living room, a delicate bedroom, or even in a sunroom. The rug comes in many sizes and includes several that fall under four feet.

This is a machine made, polypropylene area rug that is durable and capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear over time. It features a cream backdrop with soft blue stripes that give it a decidedly country feeling and keep it casual and contemporary.

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Safavieh Nantucket

When you choose the Safavieh Nantucket area rug, you can pick from sizes including 2×3, 2×4, 3×5, and a handful of others both larger and smaller than these. This rug is a stylish modern piece that’s both geometric and abstract at the same time, making it fit perfectly into just about any contemporary room.

The rug features a variety of colors, including reds, yellows, blues, and more, in a swirling circular design that radiates from the center. It’s made of hand-tufted cotton, so it’s a little more delicate than some of the others on our list. Despite this, it can look great in a variety of different rooms and is sure to bring a lot of color to any part of your home. You may want to use it in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, but take care when using it around food since it is made of cotton.

Momeni Baja

The Momeni Baja area rug is available in several sizes, including a 2×3, 2×4, 2×7, and 3×5, all of which may be useful for those looking for measurements that come in under four feet. These rugs are affordable enough to fit into many different budgets and stylish enough to look great on the floors of almost any home, too. The rug is mace of polypropylene and is machine made, so it’s durable, long-lasting, and ideal for areas where there is a lot of foot traffic.

This is a contemporary area rug that looks great in modern spaces. It can work beautifully in dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even in kids’ rooms. Its black and white design keeps things classy while still not overdoing it in terms of style, and its geometric print solidifies the contemporary look of this piece.

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Now that you’ve seen a few of the selections available for area rugs under four feet in length, you may realize there are a lot more options out there than it seems! These rugs are not too difficult to come by, and if you don’t like the styles listed here, you can always find other choices by checking out BoldRugs.com. There are dozens of rugs available in all sorts of colors, styles, materials, and weaves to suit the needs of any household. Take your time choosing and you’ll be sure to end up with the perfect throw rug for your floors in no time!