Momeni Area Rugs – From Traditional to Contemporary Styles

Momeni Area Rugs – From Traditional to Contemporary Styles

Momeni Rugs

The Momeni brand of area rugs is a beautiful series of rugs that spans the designing world from contemporary to traditional and everything in between. You can find anything you might want to use for decorating your floor among the incredible selections that make up the Momeni brand name. These rugs are all built with a close attention to detail and plenty of high-quality materials and construction that will keep them an important part of your home for many years to come. Whether you want something bright and bold, something subtle and soft, or even something else entirely, you can find the perfect rug or rugs to suit your needs when you go shopping for a piece of home décor from the Momeni brand.


Light, bright and airy, this collection of transitional area rugs is made of viscose and features soft colors like gray, green, and blue. The patterns within this collection are a little bit more traditional, but the colors and designs are all modern.


The Momeni Baja collection is packed with exciting casual colors and styles that will make you feel like you’re on vacation any time you step into your home. These contemporary rugs are made of polypropylene.


The traditional, oriental-style area rugs from the Momeni Belmont collection are made of polypropylene and feature neutral shades and earth tones that fit in well with a more traditional sense of style.


With a contemporary novelty area rug from the Momeni Bliss collection, you can enjoy all the beauty of modern designs and color choices with all thedurability of polyester fibers.


Though the Momeni Boho collection is a smaller line within this brand name, you’ll love the gray and white wool rugs with splashes of fun color you can find within this series.


The contemporary rugs from the Momeni Casa collection are made of polypropylene and feature bursts of delightful colors juxtaposed against neutral shades in abstract prints that look great in any room.


Novelty nautical-themed rugs are tough to come by, but with the Momeni Coastal collection, you won’t have to look any further. These cotton rugs look great in kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and even living spaces.

Comfort Shag

The solid shag rugs in the Momeni Comfort Shag collection are made of super-soft acrylic that will hold up to lots of wear and tear, making them excellent for kids’ rooms as well as any part of your home.


A contemporary wool rug from the Momeni Delhi collection can add tons of incredible, bright, vivid color to your home with almost no effort. Choose a floor-size rug or a runner, or any combination of these two options.

Desert Gabbeh

The unique and beautiful Momeni Desert Gabbeh collection features rugs made of wool in colors you might find in an exploration of the desert. Decorate your home with sunsets and blue skies when you choose a rug from this line.


Choose a solid color wool rug from the Momeni Downtown collection to add a splash of excitement to your home with accent pieces and throw rugs.


With a beautiful contemporary polypropylene rug from the Momeni Dream collection, your home will look warm and inviting as well as colorful.

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Choose a bright and airy wool contemporary rug from the Momeni Dunes collection to add natural patterns and shades of blue, gray, white and yellow to your favorite spaces.


The dynamic and striking contemporary designs of the Momeni Elements collection are made of wool and put together with the truly modern home decorator in mind.


Choose a polypropylene rug from the Momeni Encore collection when you want all the beauty and refinement of a Persian or oriental rug without any of the wear and tear.


With a contemporary polyester rug from the Momeni Geo collection, your home will come to life with movement, excitement and lots of fun colors.


The traditional rugs from the Momeni Ghazni collection are designed to look just like oriental antique rugs but are made of durable polypropylene to make them affordable and longer-lasting, too.


Choose a contemporary wool rug in a neutral shade like gray, brown, or gray-blue from the Momeni Gramercy collection and you’ll be well on your way to an upscale living space in no time.


The bold contemporary and sometimes transitional designs from the Momeni Habitat collection are made of soft wool and feature bright, vivid colors in contrast with neutral tones.


Exciting round rugs can be found right alongside rectangular ones in the very traditional Momeni Harmony collection. These rugs are made of wool and feature gold patterns on neutral and jewel tones just like true traditional area rugs.


A breezy polyester rug from the Momeni Havana collection is sure to look great in a contemporary living room or even in a country kitchen.


The unique repeating geometric and abstract patterns in the Momeni Heavenly collection are created with polyester fibers and look great in very modern and upscale spaces.


A gray, brown, or beige solid color wool rug from the Momeni Hudson line can work beautifully in a contemporary space or a traditional one.


When you want a rug that looks like a work of art made of wool, check out the very modern Momeni Impressions collection for pieces that look as though they’ve been painted right onto your floor.


The dynamic and exciting Momeni Koi collection features Asian-inspired contemporary rugs made of wool and designed to be both balanced and abstract at the same time.

Lace Embroidered

The contemporary wool rugs from the Momeni Lace Embroidered line are available in shades of blue and gray and feature subtle, gentle patterns that blend into their surroundings beautifully and naturally.


Choose a vibrant contemporary wool rug from the Momeni Laguna collection when you want something a little abstract and a little Southwestern all at the same time.

Lil Mo Classic

The Lil Mo collections from the Momeni brand name are designed for use in children’s rooms. The Lil Mo Classic line is soft and gentle, and perfect for use in a nursery.

Lil Mo Hipster

Choose a rug from the Lil Mo Hipster line for an older child or even a teen or preteen’s room. These rugs feature bold, vivid colors and fun designs that will excite and delight any child.

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Lil Mo Whimsy

The fun and whimsical patterns from the Lil Mo Whimsy collection are great for use in any child’s room. You can find animal prints, insects, dinosaurs, and a host of other exciting patterns for your child to choose from.


The contemporary rugs from the Momeni Loft line are made of polyester and feature truly unique and stunning gray, red and black designs you’ll have to see to believe.

Luster Shag

A solid shag rug made of polyester in a bold and vivid color can make any casual space look and feel great right away. Choose a rug from the Momeni Luster Shag line to do just that.


There’s a lot of movement and personality to be found in a contemporary wool rug from the colorful and bold Momeni Madagascar collection.


Check out the Momeni Maison collection when you want something regal, traditional and very refined that’s available in sizes smaller than the norm for traditional area rugs.


Most of the rugs from the Momeni Marquis collection feature stripes, so this is the place to be when you’re looking for either a neutral tone or colorful striped contemporary rug.


The rugs from the Momeni Maya collection are truly very unique. These black and white rugs are made of polypropylene and evoke a sense of casual style you’ll have to see to believe.


A transitional wool rug from the Momeni Mesa line will help you bring earth tones and stripes into your home without going too over-the-top in terms of patterns and designs.


Choose a contemporary rug from the Momeni Metro series for bursts of gradient colors and elegant, subtle stripes that look great in any room.


The gentle shades and soft viscose in the Momeni Millenia collection makes this line stand out significantly from most of the other series in the Momeni brand name.

New Wave

The Momeni New Wave collection is one of the most popular lines from this brand. Check it out for bold and vivid contemporary rugs in all kinds of color combinations, including rainbow.


The simple country styles and subtle florals of the transitional Momeni Newport collection are made of wool and are sure to brighten up any part of your home right away.

Old World

Bring home a touch of the traditional with a regal rug from the Momeni Old World collection.


Light and bright traditional area rugs abound in the Momeni Palace collection. These wool rugs feature excellent tried-and-true color combinations that look great in any room.


Choose a simple yet elegant oriental-style traditional rug from the Momeni Patina collection and you’ll have a beautiful piece of home décor that will soon become a treasured family heirloom.

Persian Garden

The Momeni Persian Garden line features interesting wool area rugs that include traditional patterns and designs along with more contemporary colors for a great transitional result.


For something a little different in the world of contemporary rugs, check out the monochrome Momeni Platinum line, featuring rugs made of soft and shiny viscose.

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The Momeni Rio collection is made up of durable, fun and funky contemporary striped polyester rugs that look great indoors as well as out.


The Momeni Royal collection is made up of polypropylene rugs that look as beautiful and elegant as any true antique traditional rug ever could.


With a wool rug from the Momeni Sensations collection, you can bring home beautiful contemporary florals and abstracts with unique traditional colors.


Though the Momeni Shalimar line is a little smaller than most, its elegant traditional wool rugs are sure to surprise and delight anyone looking for neutral tones in their homes.


The traditional design layouts coupled with contemporary florals and color choices in the wool Momeni Spencer collection makes these rugs something truly original and unique.


Choose a Momeni Summit collection rug for a vibrant floral polyester selection that will look beautiful in any contemporary space.

Suzani Hook

With a transitional wool rug from the Momeni Suzani Hook line, your interior spaces will be able to seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary styles in beauty and grace.


The patterns in the Momeni Tangier collection are reminiscent of traditional rugs, but the layouts and colors are more modern, making these excellent transitional choices.


Pick up a polypropylene Momeni Veranda rug for all your outdoor decorating needs!


The incredible Momeni Vintage collection is one you’ll have to see to believe. These beautiful transitional patchwork-style rugs look great in any room.


Pick up a polypropylene rug from the Momeni Vista collection and enjoy subtle florals and gentle geometrics.


The Momeni Rogue rug line features bold contemporary patterns and colors in soft, gentle viscose.


With a traditional wool rug from the Momeni Zarin collection, you can bring home a touch of the old-fashioned in a smaller accent piece.


Pick up a contemporary wool rug from the Momeni Zen collection for a beautiful cool color rug that looks great in any space.


Light and breezy traditional rugs are just a click away with the polypropylene options available in the beautiful and elegant Momeni Ziegler collection.


As you can see, the Momeni brand name incorporates tons of incredible collections and lines that are specially designed to ensure that all of its customers always have exactly what they’re looking for just a few clicks away. You can find rugs of all shapes and sizes within the Momeni brand, and you can find solids, florals, abstract patterns, and even rugs for the outdoors as well as the indoors just by checking out what they have to offer. Take your time and browse through the Momeni collections available at You’re sure to love what you find.