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Not Just for the Fireplace - Using Hearth Area Rugs

NOTE: The area rug pictures shown on the hearth rug pages will show up as a rectangle, but if you click through to the individual product pages you will see that there are hearth rugs available to purchase.

While hearth rugs tend to have a more specific function than some of the other shapes you might be considering, people are using them more and more frequently in unexpected and exciting places, too. You might be tempted to throw down a hearth rug in front of your fireplace or maybe by your front door, and these are perfectly fine traditional uses for them. However, for something a little different, consider making one of these uniquely-shaped rugs part of a different design pattern. You’ll find all sorts of uses for these rugs when you think outside the box.

Hearth Area Rugs In the Living Room

If you have a fireplace, hearth rugs can make a traditional splash in your living room quite easily! Throw a fire proof hearth rug down in front of your fireplace and your living room is sure to immediately get a lot cozier. You can find fireproof rugs for fireplace hearths in a lot of different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit just about any type of living room space. Just remember to choose your rug carefully, and you’ll soon have the perfect design for this part of your home.

For example, if you plan to use your rug along with another rug that’s taking center stage in your living room, try to match the colors or choose something complementary. If your main rug is a large rectangular oriental rug with a traditional design, you’re probably going to be working with a lot of muted colors and earth tones. Choose a fireplace hearth rug that matches one of the less common colors in your rug’s design, or pick something in a neutral tone that goes along with it perfectly. If your living room is a little more modern, choose a rug in a solid single color like red, black, or white to complement the rest of the design flawlessly.

Using Hearth Rugs in the Dining Room

Hearth rugs can look great in the dining room, and you don’t even necessarily have to worry about choosing fire resistant hearth rugs for this room, either. You might not have ever considered placing one of these uniquely-shaped rugs in your dining room, but it can have a purpose in this space if you’re willing to work a little bit with the design. In your dining room, it’s best to place these rugs alongside smaller tables or near decorative pieces in the room. For example, if you have a curio cabinet with which you displace a set of china dishes, lay a hearth rug in front of it to draw attention to this portion of the room. Choose a rug that matches one of the colors in your china set for a truly stunning look.

Select wool, bamboo, polypropylene, or polyester hearth rugs for your dining room space. You can use a lot of different materials in this room, but be sure to choose something that can hold up to a lot of cleaning and potential foot traffic. You never know when you might spill some food on your rug in the dining room.

Can you use a Hearth Rug in the Kitchen?

This is another room where you might want your hearth rug to be fireproof. Fire resistant rugs for your hearth can also be used in front of the oven to make a homey, country style kitchen and create a warm and cozy space. You might also consider placing one of these rugs in front of your sink to either match or complement the colors in the one in front of your oven. Just be sure you select a rug made of a material that can be easily cleaned and won’t be damaged if it gets wet, since the kitchen is a busy room full of spills.

If your home is smaller and you don’t have a separate dining room from your kitchen, you might want to put a hearth rug next to a small dining or bistro table in your kitchen instead. This can help you visually separate the two areas a little bit better, and it might make it more comfortable for any guests you have who might end up eating a meal in the kitchen. These rugs also can achieve the same purpose if you use them in front of a built-in bar.

Hearth Rugs in Bedrooms? Really?

You probably don’t have a fireplace in your bedroom, but you can still use a hearth rug even so. These rugs make excellent comfortable surfaces to step onto when you get out of bed. Place one along the side of your bed to give yourself something soft every time you wake up in the morning, or put one at the foot of the bed for a little old-fashioned style that draws attention to the most important part of your room. You can get away with a lot of different styles and colors when you use a hearth rug in the bedroom. Even cheap heart rugs with fun designs like pine cones, flowers, or animal prints can be great for a child’s bedside rug.

Choose a wool rug for your bedroom for added comfort. These soft, pillowy rugs are the perfect addition to a room that needs to be as comfortable as possible no matter what. If you prefer a different material, try something synthetic or a cotton rug so you’ll be able to wash it easily. Although your bedroom isn’t likely to be as crowded or dirty as your kitchen or dining room and you don’t have to worry about fireproofing your rug like you would in the living room, it’s still a good idea to choose something you can wash every now and then.

Now that you have some ideas to help you get started, you might be wondering how best to incorporate a hearth rug into your living space. Remember that the possibilities are completely up to you, and even if you’re going to work with a unique shape like this one, you’ll be able to make the most of it and find the perfect use for your special rug by bringing your own creativity to the mix. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or something a lot more old-fashioned, you can make it happen with a hearth rug.

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