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How to Best Use Kidney Shaped Area Rugs in your Home

Are you looking for something original and unique to use in just about any room of your home? Do you want to make a designing splash in your home décor that your friends and family will be talking about for a long time to come? Are you tired of boring straight lines or simple circles that you find with many other shapes of area rugs? If so, you should give kidney shaped area rugs a try! These rugs have a shape you won’t find in any other type of rug, and they can give you a chance to create a beautiful flowing design space no matter what room of your home you plan to use them in.

Living Room Uses for Kidney Area Rugs

In the living room, kidney shaped rugs are a great solution no matter what kind of space you want to create. If your living room is smaller and your home is a little more old-fashioned in terms of its shape and structure, you can use a kidney rug to drawn in all those older design elements and create a cozy space reminiscent of designs of the past. Choose warm colors for your rug, like burgundy or wine red, chocolate brown, or emerald green. Pick earthy colors for your furniture to go along with this type of rug, and stick to traditional materials like wool or polypropylene.

If you prefer something a little more modern and contemporary, choose a kidney rug made of eco-friendly or natural materials and stick to bright, vivid, solid colors to make your room pop. For example, you might choose a bright yellow natural fiber rug to spread beneath your coffee table. Pair it with bright yellow and stark white furniture for a truly beautiful, airy space that fits in well with a modern look. Add a little silver or even black to balance it out and you have a perfect style living room just waiting for you to host a party.

Using Kidney Rugs in the Dining Room

Kidney area rugs can make your dining room into a beautiful, elegant, and flowing space that’s perfect for serving big family dinners and hosting holiday meals. If you have a large, traditional dining room, select a big kidney rug to help keep the eye moving from one design element to the next. Choose earthy and jewel tones like gold, silvery gray, black, and navy blue for the base of your rug, and pick patterns in emerald green, ruby red, and deep purple to stick to that traditional theme even more.

If you don’t have the benefit of a large dining room, you can still make an elegant space by using smaller kidney rugs. While you won’t be able to necessarily find a rug large enough to use beneath your dining room table, you can still cover the rest of your floor with a kidney rug, or use one in the entrance to the room for a different look that may help you create a more transitional space instead. Use a kidney rug with an angular table for best results. Kidney rugs with round tables may create too many flowing lines that can make a room look a little chaotic.

How to Use Kidney Rugs in the Kitchen

Kidney rugs are a great way to improve the look and feeling of your kitchen without having to cover the whole floor. Using a large rug in your kitchen can be beautiful, but it can also make cleanup a lot more difficult after a messy meal preparation. Pick a kidney rug in a smaller size so you can use it in a strategic location in your kitchen, such as in front of your sink or in the doorway. Try to stick to more casual and functional materials for your kitchen, like braided synthetic blend fibers or even hemp. These will be easier to keep clean and won’t show stains as badly.

Kidney rugs look especially nice in kitchens that are going for a funky 1950s design. In this style, you’ll probably want to use a lot of pastel colors like green, yellow, and blue, and you might also want to incorporate red and even chrome into your designs. You can find solid color kidney rugs in all of these shades. A rug with a sunburst pattern can look very nice in this type of kitchen, too, and you can incorporate at least two of your colors of choice into this pattern as well.

Can Kidney Rugs be Used in Bedrooms?

A kidney rug in the bedroom can be a very elegant way to bring a unique shape into the space without going too wild with something that might be over-the-top for your design choices. For example, if your bedroom has a floral design and you’re trying to keep it delicate and airy, you might not want to choose a rug that has a very quirky design. On the other hand, you might not want to go with something that has too many angles, because it won’t flow beautifully. A kidney rug is the best choice, and you can pick the perfect colors and materials to make it work for your space.

Choose a cotton or natural fiber rug for the bedroom to ensure that you have a soft and comfortable place to step on a cold morning. Pick your colors base on the design elements you’re working with. For example, in the same delicate floral bedroom, a kidney rug with a repeating vine pattern can be a beautiful addition that incorporates two of the common colors in your room—such as jade green and white or gray and navy blue.

With so many different uses for kidney shaped rugs, you’re probably ready to run right out and buy one! These rugs come in a lot of different sizes and can be found in plenty of different materials to help them fit into any design theme you have going on in your home. Whether you plan to use them indoors, outdoors, as part of a beautiful living room, or in another part of your home, you can get a lot of use out of an elegant kidney rug. Don’t forget that they can look great in bathrooms, too!

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