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Novelty Rugs

Hey, guys! Are you looking for the perfect thing to finish off your man room? Don’t forget about adding a novelty rug like a sports rug. Featuring your favorite football, hockey, or college team logo, sports rugs and sports area rugs bring a little team spirit into your space. You can also complete your “man” space with the selection of novelty rugs at Next time you have your buddies over for the game, you’ll get them talking with cool area rugs like cowhide area rugs, a real zebra rug, or even a bear skin rug. Our novelty rugs are just what the rugged man needs to finish off a space all his own. If your idea of a man room takes you back to the good old days, you might be more interested in a retro rug. It would look perfect underneath your jukebox or next to the pool table. The ideas are endless and your man room, and your buddies who hang out there, will thank you!

What do you do when a room needs a rug, but that room is a little bit more off-the-wall than the rest of your home? Do you just settle for a traditional rug or hope to find the right color combination in a modern style rug instead? With novelty area rugs, you never have to settle for anything less than the most unique rug you might want! These rugs come in a huge variety of different styles and colors to help you decorate any room of your home in just the right way. Pick a sports-themed rug for a man cave, a pop art rug for your sunroom, or a funky piece of abstract design for your teen’s bedroom. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in a novelty rug!

Why Novelty Rugs?

When you can purchase something as beautiful and traditional as an authentic oriental rug or as bold and interesting as an abstract modern rug, you might be wondering what makes novelty rugs such a good choice. One of the best things about novelty rugs is that they give you the opportunity to showcase your quirky side and to let some of your interests show. You can really express yourself when you decorate with these types of rugs, and no matter where you plan to put them in your home, you are sure to smile every time you see your favorite colors, hobbies, or collections shown through your rugs. Best of all, many of these rugs are made from easy-to-clean materials that will not hold stains or damage.

Novelty Rugs for Bedrooms and Hobby Rooms

Decorating a bedroom with novelty rugs is as easy as choosing your favorite theme and going with it! Do you want to bring your favorite beach vacation into your bedroom to give yourself pleasant memories every time you fall asleep? If so, there is a great novelty rug for you! Do you like the pretty colors of spring and enjoy surrounding yourself with vibrant flowers? If so, you can easily find the perfect novelty rug to suit your tastes. Kids’ rooms are also excellent for novelty rugs, which can be found featuring cute cartoon animals, alphabet prints, and plenty of bright colors to help entertain and delight your children for years to come. When you want to decorate your hobby room with funny rugs, think about what sort of hobby it is you are planning to focus on the most. For example, if your hobby room will be used primarily for sewing or other types of crafts, a novelty rug featuring a pretty floral print or a simple repeating pattern might be the best choice. On the other hand, if your hobby room will be something more like a man cave, you might want to go with a rug that incorporates more masculine colors or even sports themes. Finally, if the room will be used mostly by children, there are plenty of children’s rugs that can work great for a playroom. Whatever kind of room you want to set up, there is a rug just waiting for you to discover it.

Novelty Rugs for the Kitchen and Dining Room

There is no reason to leave your kitchen out of the fun when it comes to selecting novelty rugs for your home. In the kitchen, you can bring in just about any type of rug and let it stand out as a beautiful accent piece. Choose floral or bright, summery prints to bring a sense of life into your cooking space. If you love a specific type of animal, such as tigers or cats, you might even be able to find a rug that incorporates your favorite furry friends into its design. Abstract prints also work in the kitchen, but this is your chance to choose something fun and whimsical instead if you like! The dining room is also a great place for a novelty rug, if you are willing to put forth the extra effort in décor to make it work. While a formal dining room might not be the place for a novelty rug, a more casual room can definitely pull off one of these pieces. Choose a tropical rug or one with a simple abstract design to give yourself plenty of leeway when it comes to making design choices. Be sure to match your tablecloth to one of the colors in your rug to help it blend into the room as much as possible. With dining room novelty rugs, it is best to stay away from pieces that feature large pictures or cartoonish styles, simply because these may not be as sophisticated as you might like for your dining space.

Novelty Rugs for the Living Room

Odd rugs can look great in the living room, depending on how you decorate and incorporate your furniture into the theme. Choose a more abstract novelty rug for your living room and work out your design theme from there. You might also go with something based on ocean or animal prints, which can help guide you through the decisions you make for your furniture, decorative items, and wall hangings. For example, a living room with a sea life novelty rug can look great with wicker furniture and sailing or beach décor, while an animal print rug might match more exotic furnishings and unique tribal wall hangings.

As you can see, novelty rugs make a great alternative to more traditional and costly area rugs. Just about any space can work well with a novelty rug, depending on the mood you would like to set and the type of theme you are trying to stick to. If you are the type of person who likes to have a little uniqueness in every part of your life, a novelty rug might even be perfect for your living room. Whether you are looking for the perfect novelty rug to decorate your hobby room or you just want something a little more on the fun side for you dining room, you will not have to look far to find exactly what works best in your space.

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