Bamboo Area Rugs

We have no Bamboo Area Rugs available at this time. We are currently adding more Bamboo Area Rugs to our collection so please check back soon.

What comes to mind when you think about bamboo? Do you imagine pandas chowing down on long reeds in the Chinese jungle? Well, think again! Bamboo is one of the hardest and most sustainable plants on Earth. Bring this durable look into your home with a bamboo rug. Traditional bamboo rugs have a woven appearance, but round bamboo rug and bamboo rug runners are also available. You can even find bamboo shag rugs for a lush and comforting look thatís also sustainable. From Anji mountain bamboo rugs to bamboo area rugs, youíll love the selection of bamboo rugs available at Sizes available include 3 x 5 bamboo rug, bamboo rug 6 x 9, bamboo rug 5 x 7, and even 8 x 10 bamboo rugs. Check them out now and find out why these versatile rugs arenít just for the indoors with outdoor bamboo rugs.