Nylon Area Rugs

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  • Surya Mirage MIR7003
    Surya Mirage MIR7003
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Mirage MIR7004
    Surya Mirage MIR7004
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Mirage MIR7005
    Surya Mirage MIR7005
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Mirage MIR7000
    Surya Mirage MIR7000
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Mirage MIR7001
    Surya Mirage MIR7001
    Starting at $63.00
  • Surya Mirage MIR7002
    Surya Mirage MIR7002
    Starting at $63.00

In the market for a new living room rug? Make sure you give nylon rugs a second look! Like wool, nylon rugs can lend a timeless elegance to any living room or family room. From area rugs to 8 x 10 rugs, a nylon rug offers both fine design and a price tag any home decorator will love. With a subtle appeal that will blend seamlessly into any décor, nylon rugs offer stain resistance and fade less easily than wool rugs, helping your floors stand the test of time. You can go very traditional by adding nylon Persian rugs to your family room or take a modern approach by choosing a contemporary rug instead. Nylon area rugs are often a nice choice if you’re looking to cover just a small area. Larger, 8x10 area rugs are also available if you’re looking to really make your rug into the room’s focal point. No matter what you choose, one thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with nylon!