Use of Runner Area Rugs to Transform Your Space

Use of Runner Area Rugs to Transform Your Space

Do you love the look of runner rugs in homes? Do you have a runner rug already but aren’t sure how to use it? Or are you looking for some suggestions about how to pick the right runner rug for the spaces in your home instead? No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s about runners, we’ve got you covered. These rugs can go a long way toward putting together a beautiful and elegant look in your home, and they can also be used to make a modern space pop with contemporary flavor. Either way, however, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best ways to decorate with this type of rug before purchasing your new floor treatment, if possible. Read on for lots of suggestions to help you get started.

Use Runners Traditionally

One of the most classic ways to utilize a runner rug in your home is to use it in the hallway or entryway of your home. This type of runner is designed to draw the eye down the hall or into the home from the front door, and it gives a sense of warm, welcoming invitation to those who visit or live there. This may be a more old-fashioned look overall, but it’s very tried and true, and many homes make great use of this design option by picking a beautiful rug to stand out and make it happen.
If you’re going to use your runner rug this way, it’s a good idea to pick something with a more traditional style. Choose a rug with a border and a floral or simple geometric print to help draw attention into your home or down your hallway. In most cases, it’s also a good idea to stick to neutral or earth tones for this purpose, but it may also be beneficial to choose a rug with a more vivid accent color to help it pop, too. This can also be a good opportunity to choose a rug with simple stripes or another subtle pattern as long as it sticks to traditional elements otherwise.

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Use Runners in a Contemporary Way

Another excellent way to incorporate runners into your home is to find new and unique places to use them. One of the most common contemporary uses for a runner is to separate an open-concept living room’s spaces by dividing the room visually. This can also be a great way to section off a dining room from an open space like this as well. To do this, choose a rug that’s long enough to break up the look of the room without being so long that it takes up the entire width. Pick something in a fiber that can handle a lot of foot traffic between the two spaces, and choose a color or pattern that stands out vibrantly so it will create the visual definition you’re looking for.

Some people also choose to use a runner rug alongside their dining room table, even if they don’t have an open-concept home design. This can create a more modern look in a room that may not have very modern architecture. If you choose to do this, pick a rug that matches the other furnishings in your dining room, or choose a single bright color you want to draw attention to throughout the room and go with a rug that matches.

Another contemporary use of runner rugs is in the bedroom. You can either separate a large bedroom in much the same way as you would do in a living room, or you can put a short runner alongside your bed to give yourself a comfortable, warm place to step out in the morning. As long as you stick to contemporary design choices, this can look great in a modern bedroom.

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Use Transitional Runners

Finally, you can always find transitional ways to incorporate runners into your home as well. Put a runner in front of your living room sofa for a more contemporary placement choice, but pick one in a traditional print or pattern to keep things a little more transitional overall. This can also be a good option for your bedroom as well.

If you’re looking for a runner for your kitchen, then you may want to stick to transitional choices. Using a runner in front of your cabinets, sink, or stove in the kitchen can give you a comfortable, soft place to stand while cooking and working, but it can also make your kitchen come to life with the design choice you want to stick with. Keep in mind, however, that this look isn’t very traditional overall, so transitional or contemporary may be more accurate when you want to go this route. You can also use this type of runner to create a beautiful country themed kitchen. Whichever style you choose, pick a rug that is resistant to fire and heat if you’re going to put it in front of the stove. If you plan to use it in front of the sink, choose a fiber that won’t become damaged by water spills. And no matter what, if you have a kitchen or dining room rug, stick to fibers that won’t be harmed by frequent cleaning and food spills.

Did you figure out a great way to decorate with runner rugs in your home? Using runners can be very simple or a little complicated, depending on how you want to use them. In the end, however, the best advice to keep in mind is to simply decorate the way you want your home to look. If you love runners and want to use them in every room, then go for it! And if you like the look of a traditional hallway runner but don’t want to use a runner in any other way, then it’s okay to go that route, too. Choosing rugs that work with your décor and fit your personality is the most important way to ensure you’ll love your home’s floors for a long time to come.