What’s Your Rug Personality?

What's your rug personality
What’s Your Rug Personality? Traditional? Modern/Contemporary? County? Read to find out.

You have probably taken personality quizzes before, to figure out different aspects of yourself. But you also have a decorating style and a rug personality, too. Your personality complements your decorating style, whether it’s traditional, modern, country, or eco friendly. So, read through the descriptions and see which style suits your home the best!


The traditional style is timelessly elegant and chic, with no wild or unpredictable elements. There is an overall look of tranquil formality, and this style is based on antique Georgian and Colonial styles from the 18th and 19th centuries. Common traditional elements include leather or Craftsman-style furniture, plaids, and florals. Traditional rugs include florals and exotic patterns, such as Persian or Oriental carpets. The traditional decorating style is also known as classic, since these are timeless designs that can be mixed or changed with other designs for a new look. Traditional designs are commonly found in the entrance way and front rooms, such as the living room and family room. They are multi-colored, so they tend to hide stains easily. These feature a rich variety of beautiful colors, including gold, burgundy, navy, black, caramel brown, chocolate brown, and royal blue. These have an enduring and endless beauty that creates an elegant impression in your home.


The modern decorating style suits a bold and unique personality. A modern look is best with contemporary style, which feature bright colors and bold patterns. Modern styles have the distinctive ability to revitalize your room’s look instantly, since their style is so daring. Contemporary rugs do not blend into the background. They are definitely a focal point with their eye-catching design. They brighten up an area, or you can use them to highlight a piece of furniture. Some modern patterns are animal prints such as leopard or zebra. Contemporary styles can feature bright colors like fuschia or Caribbean blue and innovative textures. BoldRugs are suitable for both the public and private rooms in your house. They are an excellent decorating addition to your home.

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Country style is casual and fun, based on antique styles of decorating that have been around for decades. The country look is different from traditional in that it is more rustic, less refined, and has a lived-in feel as opposed to more formality. Country style is ideal for growing families, since it uses natural materials like cotton and denim, which are easy to care for. When decorating your home in a casual style, choose ones that are easy to clean and have a rustic look to them. Two examples are braided and penny. Braided are made from long braided strips of wool or cotton, wound into an oval or rectangle. They are available in all kinds of sizes for your country style home. Penny rugs are based on antique rugs that were made using small circles of appliqued felt. Reproductions and new penny rugs can be found in stores today.

Eco friendly

If you’re passionate about organic products and earth-friendly decor in your home, then eco friendly rugs are for you. Eco friendly floor coverings are made from natural fibers, such as wool, sisal, and jute. Recycled fibers like cotton strips or wool yarns can also be used to make eco friendly items. There are many benefits to using eco friendly products. One of them is indoor air quality, which some studies has shown is more polluted than outdoor air quality. You can improve the air quality in your home by shunning chemical-laden floor coverings and choosing eco friendly alternatives.

What does it mean for it to be eco friendly? The first thing you should look for is for it to be made of natural fibers, which are biodegradable, and renewable materials. Examples include wool, silk, organic cotton, seagrass, jute, sisal, and coir. Don’t forget to check that the backing is also organic and eco friendly.

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Whatever your decorating style, there is a rug out there just for you! These four  personalities of traditional, modern, country, and eco friendly can suit a variety of homes or can be mixed and matched in different rooms. Have fun with your finding your personality!

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