The Secret of Buying Beautiful, Affordable Area Rugs

Area rugs are incredibly beautiful, and in almost all cases, when the right ones are selected, they can make powerful statements about a home, an office, or the individual who selected them. Unfortunately, many people fear that they cannot afford these beautiful floor coverings for their space. But there is a secret to buying beautiful and affordable rugs.

The secret is three-fold, really. The first part of the secret is to look for damaged or flawed ones on sale. These damages are generally so slight that the only way they can be noticed is to get down on the floor, eye to eye with the rug, or to actually turn the rug over to find the flaw. Because a flaw exists, however, retailers will mark the price of the area rugs incredibly low.

The second part of the secret is to find ones that are being discontinued. Retailers need to make room for more stock on their showroom floors, and if area rugs are no longer being made – or ordered – by the retailer, they will mark the prices down considerably in order to move the merchandise.

The third part of the secret is to shop online, at discount rug dealers. Bold Rugs is one such business that offers them at incredibly low prices – and these are not used items.  The site also has sales throughout the year that you can take advantage of, in order to further reduce the price of the ones that you select.

Now you know the secrets and you have a better understanding of how your friends and neighbors do it as well. You can choose to share this secret with others – or keep it to yourself.

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