The Secret to Finding Quality, Cheap Area Rugs

In the past, if you wanted quality cheap area rugs, you literally had to wait for an estate sale – usually when someone died – or hope that Great Aunt Harriet would will her lovely area rug to you upon her death. Quality rugs can be very pricey. Fortunately, you can get quality ones without someone dying – if you know the secret to finding them.

First, know what your budget is. Too often, people aren’t really aware of what they can honestly afford; thinking that they either have more than they have to spend, or thinking that they can’t spend very much, when in fact they actually have more money than they thought they had for decorating purposes.

Second, see where else you can cut back in your decorating to have more money available for the purchase of these types of floor coverings. For example, can you purchase your furnishings second hand and refinish them? Can you reduce the cost of paints? If they will be used, can you reduce the cost of the flooring underneath? Cut back where you can.

Shop at BolRugscom (Hint). Bold Rugs is an online store, which significantly reduces the price that you have to pay for the products that you select. They constantly have sales going on as well, making it even easier to find quality, affordable rugs for your home or office.

Also be on the lookout for special close-out sales, as prices will often drop more than 50% on rugs that are being discontinued. Finally, carefully consider the materials used to create them. You can often find the same or similar patterns and styles made from different materials that are less expensive. While they may not be of the same quality, because of the material choice, they can be just as beautiful.

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