Little Known Ways to Change a Room with Area Rugs

Have you ever visited a friend’s house and thought that they remodeled a room, only to be told that they had not? The chances are good that they changed the entire scope and look of the room with the simple use of area rugs. There are little known ways to change a room completely that you should be aware of.

First, they can be used to make it appear that you’ve painted the room. The colors can actually make the walls appear that they are a different shade. The shade may be slightly lighter, or slightly darker, depending on the color of the paint, and the colors in these floor coverings that are used – but the visual results can be very dramatic in terms of change.

They can make it appear that you’ve either purchased new furniture, or had your old furniture recovered or reupholstered. This works in much the same way that the wall paint is affected by them, as listed above. Sometimes rugs are often used to bring out bits of color in the furnishing that went unnoticed before they were in place – making the furniture appear to be new or different.

Another little known way that they can change a room in such a drastic way concerns space. They can either make the space appear to be smaller or larger. This is dependent on the colors used, and the room, the pattern or design, and the positioning of them.

Take the time to play with these colorful floor coverings in your spaces to see what dramatic differences they can make. If you are tired of the way a room looks in your home, consider using one or all of these little known ways to use them to completely change the visual aspect of that room.

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