Get Rid of Stains on Area Rugs Once and For All

When you purchase area rugs, you want to make sure that you have a full understanding of how they are to be cared for. Nothing is more upsetting than having something spilled on your brand new rug, thus rendering them ruined. You can, however get rid of stains on most of them once and for all.

First, you can elect to purchase ones that are more stain resistant. These either use materials that are more stain resistant than other materials, or they are treated with certain products or chemicals after they are made to make them resistible to potential stains later on.

While you do want to know if they have been specially treated in this way, if they have not, you will need to know in advance what needs to be done for various types of stains, and how those treatments will affect them.  For example, you’ve heard of using ice to remove bubble gum, but this may actually be harmful, depending on the materials used. Consider the treatment, how effective it is, and how it affects them. A knowledgeable sales person can help you with this information in most cases. Otherwise, consider the potential stains that could occur, and use the Internet to find solutions.

Look for products that you can apply to your oriental area rugs to help them resist stains as well. There are numerous products on the market. Make sure that you read reviews to find the best ones available, and keep them on hand. Again, make sure that you consider the materials used and ensure that the product is safe for those materials before applying it.

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You can finally get rid of most stains once and for all, if you are prepared for those stains in advance. For stains that already exist, there may still be solutions. Call your dry cleaner and see if he has any suggestions, or look for products that remove old stains as well.

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