Momeni – A Brief History

Momeni – A Brief History

A Brief History

The Momeni rug company dates back to 1975, when it was first founded by Haji Momeni. At that time, the rugs available from this line were Persian rugs of very high quality. Haji Momeni sold these rugs door-to-door, which helped get the business started, but was not a very solid lasting plan for a rug company. From there, the brand blossomed and started bringing on other styles, materials, and methods of rug creation. As the brand grew, it went from a door-to-door only operation to a full-fledged rug company and manufacturing facility as well. Although Momeni had truly humble beginnings, it soon got off the ground and became one of the most well-known brand names in the world of area rugs today.


Today’s version of Momeni is a little different than it was when it first started out, but it is still inspired by its roots. Although the brand does more than just import Persian rugs these days, they still focus on supplying customers with rugs that they’re sure to love and want to use for years to come. This brand manufactures hundreds of thousands of different rugs and other items, and they continue to add more to their collection every year. Momeni rugs also regularly win awards for their design, production, and durability, among other categories. This brand has moved from a very small operation to a large-scale and widely-recognized brand name that continues to be on the forefront of new ideas and designs that shape the area rug industry.


Aside from selling rugs that look great and function beautifully as well, this brand is also committed to providing great customer service and cares about what its buyers think of its products. When you have a problem with a rug from this brand or you just want to ask some questions about one you might be interested in, Momeni’s customer service is ready to help and will make sure your issues are addressed in a timely fashion. There is even plenty of customer assistance available right on their web site to help you with the cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of your area rugs.

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As Momeni progresses into the future, they are sure to add even more incredible designs and styles to their product catalog. They also continue to work on improving their production methods as well as adding new materials that provide beautiful and elegant pieces of textile art without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. For those who continue to watch this brand move forward, there are sure to be plenty of surprises and updates that delight customers around the world. Momeni’s forty years of quality service will help drive it into an excellent future as well.