8 Beautiful Area Rugs for Traditional Rooms

8 Beautiful Area Rugs for Traditional Rooms

Locating the perfect area rug can be a struggle, especially when you only have a general idea of the style you want to work with. You may be aware that you want to stick to traditional rugs, but it can be difficult to narrow it down from there. However, if you’re looking for a beautiful area rug to fit into a traditional style, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve put together a list of eight great rugs for you to pick from, each of which fits into the traditional style of design. Take your pick from these high-quality rugs listed below!

Safavieh Antiquity

The Safavieh Antiquity area rug is available in many sizes, including smaller round and throw rug options. However, if you’re looking for something truly traditional, stick with the bigger floor rugs and centerpieces for best results. This rug is yellow-cream in the background with shades of brown, gold, and red in the foreground. It features a simple floral print and a wide border indicative of the style. It is hand tufted and made of wool, so it’s soft with a higher pile than some of the other options on our list.

KAS Cambridge Area Rug

The KAS Cambridge Area Rug toes the line between traditional and transitional a bit more than some of our other choices listed here. However, it still falls into the traditional category and can provide you with a more unique take on traditional rugs along with a stylish design for any room. This rug comes in runners and round sizes as well as traditional rectangular ones. It is available as large as 9’ x 13’ so you can put together a truly traditional space. It is, however, machine made of polypropylene, which is more transitional than traditional for those who are more concerned with the details.

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Safavieh Heritage Area Rug

When you need something even more upscale and opulent than many other choices listed here, turn to the Safavieh Heritage Area Rug. This rug is available in several sizes and shapes to suit your needs. It features a deep black backdrop with vibrantly contrasting gold designs in the foreground. The designs are made up of florals , some geometric patterns and a medium border to bring the whole look together. This piece is hand tufted and made of wool for a traditional design and composition all the way through the rug.

KAS Emerald Area Rug

Want to bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your home without sacrificing the traditional styles you’re looking for? If so, check out this KAS Emerald Area Rug. This rug features a cream-yellow center with a thick deeper gold border adorned with a repeating grape pattern and vines. The rug comes in a few shapes and sizes, including a big 9’ x 13’ size that can bring a traditional room together perfectly. It is made of wool and is hand tufted for extra softness as well as attention to detail and uniqueness in every piece.

Safavieh Vintage Area Rug

The Safavieh Vintage Area Rug is a little more transitionally-leaning than some of the others on our list. However, we feel it can provide a quality option for those who want to keep things colorful while still sticking to the traditional. This rug is available in a vivid blue-green with some gray undertones. It features a subtle but elegant traditional geometric print with a thick border and scrollwork, and it can be purchased in both large and small sizes. It is power loomed, which is more contemporary, and it is made of viscose, which is a unique fiber choice for something traditional.

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Safavieh Lyndhurst Area Rug

Try the Safavieh Lyndhurst Area Rug for situations where you may need a more delicate pattern on your traditional piece. This rug is made of power loomed polypropylene, so it is not completely traditional and does have some transitional elements. With that said, however, the design of the rug is squarely traditional and is ideal for spaces where you may have higher foot traffic or may be on a tighter budget and cannot go with wool. This rug comes in a huge assortment of sizes and shapes, and it features a gray backdrop with a cream border and earth tone floral prints all over.

Nourison Heritage Hall Area Rug

This hand tufted wool rug is a beautiful example of a truly traditional piece. It comes in several sizes, including a unique extra-large 12’ x 15’ size that is ideal for extremely spacious open concept rooms. The rug includes a light cream border with golden brown accents, and the same accent color carries over to the black backdrop in the center of the rug as well. The neutral earth tones that make up this piece allow you to be creative with the way you incorporate it into your room.

Momeni Harmony Rose

The delicate colors and floral prints of the Momeni Harmony Rose area rug are romantic and elegant enough to work well in any space. This rug comes in three sizes, one of which is round. It features a soft pink-brown backdrop with cream, brown, and muted green accents that work together to create a natural appeal and a hint of the outdoors as well. This rug is made of wool and is hand tufted for high quality and beautiful, soft textures throughout the piece. It is sure to quickly become your new favorite way to decorate.

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As you can see, you don’t have to feel limited when you want to decorate your home with traditional area rugs. These rugs are elegant, beautiful, and stylish ways to bring a sense of old-fashioned design and grace into your modern-day home. Whether you choose to stick to a completely traditional design or go with something that can be a bit more transitional, you’re sure to find the right fit from the products listed above. Take your time considering them and don’t forget to measure the space you’re working with to find the right choice as well.