4 Beautiful Hemp Area Rugs

4 Beautiful Hemp Area Rugs

Do you love the look, feel, and texture of hemp? Are you looking for ways to bring some natural fibers into your home? When you want an area rug that’s made of hemp, you may find yourself feeling a little bit limited in terms of your options. But don’t worry—there are actually plenty of beautiful hemp area rugs out there just waiting for you to discover them! In this article, we’ll introduce you to four excellent hemp rugs that can help you make a difference in the way you decorate your home and interior spaces. You’re sure to find something you’ll love from our list below.

Jaipur Feza Souk

If you’re looking for a stylish, neutral colors option for your hemp area rug, check out the Jaipur Feza Souk rug. This product comes in two options—a 2×9 runner and a 9×12 rectangular full-size area rug—so you can find the right fit for your needs. Although it doesn’t have a ton of different choices in terms of size and shape, it’s got the basics covered and can easily become an important feature of just about any living space in no time.

This rug is made with a flat weave that is designed to let the traditional, natural fibers really show their texture perfectly. It’s handmade and is built from 100% hemp, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s doing harm to the environment when you buy it. You can vacuum this rug as needed and can beat it when it gets too dirty, making it easier to take care of than some natural fibers. Use it in either modern or transitional spaces to create the look of your dreams.

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Safavieh Bohemian

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a hemp area rug, you just want something that comes in a solid color. With the Safavieh Bohemian rug, you can enjoy a rich, vibrant caramel gold color that creates a stunning interior space without talking over the other statements being made throughout the room. This rug allows the natural texture of the fibers to show through while still holding its own, and it’s sure to quickly become a stunning centerpiece no matter where you choose to use it.

This beautiful rug comes in several different sizes, including both runners and rectangular rugs. No matter what size room you’re looking to decorate, you can easily find something that’s sure to work when you check out this rug and its several different sizing options. Ideally, this solid rug would be used in a modern or contemporary room; however, it has its place in transitional decorating, too, and can be paired with certain types of décor to really pop.

Safavieh Thom Filicia

With the Safavieh Thom Filicia rug, you’ll be surprised to see just what hemp can do! This rug is a much different take on the hemp rug from some of the others on our list. While many hemp rugs remain a little understated and don’t stand out as much as other types, this rug makes a statement all its own. This beautiful rug features a teal green backdrop with a dark blue and pink accent and a gold foreground. The scrollwork and border combine to create a transitional appearance for this otherwise contemporary rug, so be sure to get creative with the way you use it. You can make the most of this rug in a variety of different spaces.

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Since this rug is only available in two different sizes, however, you might have to think about how you want to use it. The rug can be found in a 4×6 runner option that’s perfect for most hallways and entryways, and this piece can even be used for a unique dining room or kitchen look. On the other hand, if you want a truly stunning centerpiece that will be the talk of all your friends and family, check out the 8×10 rectangular area rug option instead. No matter which you choose, these rugs are hand knotted and are sure to create a look that’s entirely your own when you bring them into your home.

Surya Trinidad

For another bold twist on the classic hemp style, check out this Surya Trinidad rug. The Surya Trinidad line is actually available in many different styles, but this is one of the most vibrant and is sure to make a splash when you use it in your home. The only downside of this rug is that it’s only available in a 2×8 runner, which may not work for every home. However, if it can work for your spaces, this is a beautiful piece that will help you create a fun and funky look in hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and much more.

This rug features neutral beige and gray squares offset by vibrant gold, blue, red, and purple to create a unique and stylish appeal. The rug is very contemporary and doesn’t have a lot of elements that can help it work in a transitional space. However, its classic handwoven design and its beautiful, flawless construction work together to make this rug truly an excellent piece of textile art you’ll want to show off again and again. Best of all, when you choose this rug, you’ll know you’re getting something safe for the environment while you’re improving the overall look and feel of your home’s interior spaces at the same time.

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Were you able to find a hemp rug you love? Don’t forget that we’ve only just scratched the surface of possibilities here, and that you may be able to find even more when you go shopping for your hemp rug. These are some of the best and brightest options out there, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Take your time when you go shopping and don’t forget to check the sizes and shapes of all the rugs available, too. When you need a hemp rug for your natural fiber flooring needs, you won’t be limited in what you can choose.