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Safavieh Bohemian BOH211D Green area rug

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Safavieh Bohemian BOH211D Green Area Rug

Size Price Sale
2' x 3'
$116.03 $ 82.88
2'6" x 6'
$290.07 $ 207.19
3' x 5'
$290.07 $ 207.19
2'6" x 8'
$386.75 $ 276.25
4' x 6'
$464.10 $ 331.50
2'6" x 10'
$483.43 $ 345.31
2'6" x 12'
$580.13 $ 414.38
2'6" x 14'
$676.82 $ 483.44
5' x 8'
$773.50 $ 552.50
6' x 9'
$1,044.23 $ 745.88
8' x 10'
$1,547.00 $ 1,105.00
9' x 12'
$2,088.45 $ 1,491.75

The Bohemian BOH211D GREEN area rug from Safavieh is a Contemporary rug made out of Hemp. It is made in India and the weave is Hand Knotted with a pile height of approximately 0.75 inches. Safavieh’s Bohemian Collection is all-organic, with exquisitely fine jute pile woven onto a cotton warp and weft, and an earthy natural color palette. The high quality jute chosen for our Bohemian rugs is biodegradable and recyclable, with an innate sheen because it is harvested only from Cannabis Sativa (commonly known as the “true hemp” plant), a quickly renewable resource that excels in length, durability, anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties. Safavieh brings fashion excitement to the eco-friendly rug category with the Bohemian collection’s unique patterns, ribbed textures and remarkable hand. The rugs are washed to soften the yarn, and then brushed to an even more lustrous sheen. Hand Knotted in India.

Vendor: Rug Manufacturer Logo Style: Casual
Collection: Safavieh Bohemian Material: Hemp
SKU: BOH211DGreen Weave: Hand Woven
Country of Origin: India

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