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Momeni Summit Sand SUM-8

Momeni Summit Sand SUM-8

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Momeni Summit Multi SUM19

Momeni Summit Multi SUM19

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Momeni Summit

Finding an amazing floral rug to bring your home to life can be a difficult challenge. There are tons of styles of floral rugs on the market today, and they fall into all sorts of categories and color combinations. While you may be positive you want something floral for your home, you may not know where to look after that. Do you need something contemporary? Something traditional? Or something in between? Which color combination is best for your interior spaces? What about the size and shape? Would you prefer to focus on warmer colors or cooler ones? There’s a lot to think about when choosing a floral rug, and the myriad of different rug patterns available doesn’t make the decision an easy one. However, with the Momeni Summit collection available from, you should be able to narrow down your choices significantly and find the right rug for your needs.

In the Momeni Summit collection, you’ll find some modern rugs as well as some that look almost traditional. The transitional area rug options available from this line are all an excellent way to help you bridge the gap between these two common styles of interior decorating. Think about the type of furniture you have in the room you’re looking to decorate. If it’s more modern, you may want to opt for casual area rugs that suit the mood. If the furnishings are more traditional, picking colorful rugs that fall into this category may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, you can subvert either style by using a transitional rug that leans a little more heavily in the other direction instead.

The rugs from the Momeni Summit collection are hand hooked, which makes them look as though they have depth as well as texture from any point in your room. They’re also made of polyester, which has a lot of great benefits. Although polyester is a manmade material, it’s still very soft, and putting it to use in your home will ensure that your rug will hold up to a lot of wear and tear with no problems. It’s also easy to clean and costs much less than some of the other types of fibers you may find on the market today, too.

The rugs from this collection are great choices for porches, covered patios, sun rooms, and other outdoor spaces as well as indoor ones. Choose an orange area rug with a large, splashy floral print in a smaller accent piece size for a porch that just needs a little extra color. You might also want to pick a larger blue floral rug with a subtle orange print to spread over the floor of your covered lanai or to improve the overall visual weight of your sun room. Since these rugs are polyester, they can be used outdoors a little bit more easily than some other types of rugs might be able to be used. However, bear in mind that they still shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight or used in an area where they may get soaked with rain.

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