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Momeni Spencer Sage SP-16

Momeni Spencer Sage SP-16

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Momeni Spencer

Are you searching for the perfect rug to help you blend styles in any room of your home? Would you like to shop in a rug collection that incorporates several color combinations as well as sizes and shapes to help provide you with the best possible piece of home décor every time? Are you searching for something that’s beautiful and timeless while still being exciting and inviting? If any of these sound like you, then you should check out the Momeni Spencer rug collection at right away. All of the rugs in this line are beautiful and elegant without sacrificing quality and durability to produce something that’s truly stunning. You’re sure to love the way any of these pieces can make your favorite rooms come to life.

With the Momeni Spencer collection, you’ll be able to purchase one or more incredibly hand hooked rugs that are sure to brighten up any space. These rugs are all made of wool, which makes them a little bit more old-fashioned in terms of their construction while still providing a soft texture and a durable, long-lasting life that will keep them decorating your home for many years to come. You can get a lot out of the rugs from this collection, especially if you’re looking for more traditional area rugs to help spice up your home. However, depending on which rug you choose and how you decorate the rest of the room around it, you may be surprised to find that these rugs work equally well as transitional area rugs. All you have to do is stick to more modern furnishings and other decorations around the room and let this rug be the bridge between these contemporary styles and something a little more traditional.

Whether you want to go the transitional route or keep it traditional, these inexpensive rugs are a great way to bring some life into your favorite room. Choose a bright floral rug from this collection and decorate the rest of the room with one or more of the colors you can find within its pattern. You may also choose a rug featuring paisleys, especially if you’re looking for country rugs to decorate your rooms with. No matter which pattern you choose, you don’t have to be limited by the size or shape of your rug, either. Choose a rectangular rug for a more traditional option, or pick a round rug if you want to make things a little more transitional. A runner can go both ways, depending on which pattern you select.

The rugs in the Momeni Spencer collection are available in a variety of sizes to help you suit any room. Choose a smaller rug if you need something more modern or if you’re just hoping to give a little accent to your room. A 10’ wide rug is a great way to keep things as traditional as possible, since these larger floor-sized rugs are usually considered more traditional in terms of design. In any size, the patterns from this collection are sure to beautify your home instantly!

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