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Momeni Platinum Grey PN-05

Momeni Platinum Grey PN-05

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Momeni Platinum

If you’re one of the many people interested in putting together a monochrome room in your home, the Momeni Platinum collection, available at, can give you a great springboard from which to get started. The rugs in this collection are all available in either single-color or two-color patterns, and most of them fit comfortable into the monochrome style that has become so popular in recent years. A few of these rugs are a little bit more colorful, but don’t worry—even if you choose one of these options, you can use it to create a splash of one single color in your otherwise monochrome room. A great area rug choice goes a long way when you’re trying to put together a space like this, so why not let the Momeni Platinum rug collection show you just how excellent it can be?

The contemporary and transitional area rugs within the Momeni Platinum collection are incredibly unique and beautiful. Although these are very affordable rugs, you don’t have to worry about losing anything when it comes to their elegance or their quality. These rugs are machine made, so they have a little more strength and are a bit easier to keep clean than other types of rugs. However, they are made of a combination of viscose and chenille, both of which are natural fibers that are much softer than most of the other materials from which area rugs are made these days. These fibers, when combined, create a surprising and delightful shimmering appearance that you’ll have to see to believe. Because of this, the rugs in this collection may look like they contain lots more colors than they actually do, depending on the part of the room from which you view them.

In the Momeni Platinum collection, you have several patterns to choose from. Pick a black and white area rug with a sort of zebra print to spread on the floor and use as a 10’ wide centerpiece for your living room or dining room. A gray and black rug with a repeating geometric pattern in a 4’ to 8’ wide size can look amazing in a kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. Opt for a light brown rug with a gentle and subtle pattern if you want something for a home office or a guest room, or pick a small white rug with an abstract pattern for just about any room of your home. Depending on the way you want to use your rugs, you may even think about picking up a couple from this collection and using them as two different accent pieces within the same room. This can be a very modern way of decorating your home, especially if you stick to the white and black rugs available within this collection. Don’t forget to check out the unique red and purple rugs you can also find within the Momeni Platinum line. If you’re looking for a second rug to pair with your favorite monochrome choice, this can be a fun option.

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