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Momeni Millenia Grey MI-02

Momeni Millenia Grey MI-02

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Momeni Millenia

When you need something that’s soft and gentle while still providing a lot of color and energy to your favorite interior space, the Momeni Millenia collection is here to help. Available from, this rug line includes several different beautiful patterns and color combinations that all fit solidly into a modern sense of style. These are beautiful contemporary area rugs that are sure to challenge your ideas about what makes a modern rug truly modern. While their colors may look like they’re meant for a much more traditional and old-fashioned rug, their design and even their fibers work together to make these rugs look as modern as possible. When you want novelty area rugs that can make a statement about your home and your personality both, you need a rug from the Momeni Millenia collection to make that happen.

The cheap throw rugs and larger rugs within this series are all hand tufted, which makes them soft, elegant, and very beautiful. Constructed with a fine attention to detail, these rugs are also made of viscose, which makes them even softer and more beautiful than ever before. Viscose is an eco friendly fiber that’s becoming more and more popular for use with area rugs as the years go by. It can help make your room look even more stunning and stylish than you would have thought possible, so be sure to give it a try.

Choose one of the unique area rugs from the Momeni Millenia collection and you’ll have a piece of textile artwork that you’ll want to show off for many years to come. There are several options to pick from within the patterns and color schemes available from this line, and depending on the room you’ll be decorating, you might want to choose one over another. A grey rug with multicolored abstract stripes can be an excellent kids’ area rug, for example, especially if you choose a full-size rug that’s at least 8’ wide for your child’s room or playroom. On the other hand, and abstract print coral and gray rug in a size that’s around 4’ wide or smaller can be a beautiful way to add a little touch of color to an otherwise monochrome and very modern room. This can also give you a springboard for other types of decorating throughout this space, as you may want to match your other splashes of color throughout the room with the coral tone in the rug of your choice.

Of course, there are many other colors to choose from within the Momeni Millenia collection, but most of them do tend to be much softer and more muted than the rugs you might find among other collections. This is just one of the qualities that makes these rugs truly a beautiful and exciting statement. Whether you decide to go with a runner in a repeating gentle geometric pattern to help guide your friends and family down the hall to your upscale modern rooms or you opt for something large to take up most of the floor space in your casual living room, you can find a great rug from this collection that will add tons of texture and airiness to your favorite spaces.

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