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Momeni Downtown Red DT-01

Momeni Downtown Red DT-01

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Momeni Downtown

Do you want to decorate your home with sophistication and style without having to sacrifice your designing options too much? Would you like to bring home a beautiful area rug that’s soft and comfortable and can fit into many different types of rooms? Do you need something that works as well with a modern sense of style as it does with something a little more old-fashioned? If this is true of you, then you should check out the Momeni Downtown collection at right away. The rugs in this set are all beautiful solid colors that are sure to bring plenty of color, class, and beauty into your favorite rooms. No matter which color or colors you choose, you’re sure to have a rug that’s going to be a part of your decorating plans for a long time to come.

With the Momeni Downtown collection, you’ll want to keep your wool rug a part of your interior designing for as long as possible. These rugs are beautiful and elegant, and they’re sure to make any space pop with color as well as with comfort. And you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your rug can withstand all the foot traffic in your favorite rooms, either. With the Momeni Downtown collection, you can enjoy beautiful shag area rugs that are built to last even through years of foot traffic inside your home. The colors won’t fade with washing, and these rugs will help make your room look as beautiful as ever for as long as you want.

You can use the rugs in the Momeni Downtown collection as either contemporary area rugs or transitional area rugs depending on the style you’re looking for. They may not work as traditional pieces, but you can get close when you use them in a room that’s decorated with traditional furnishings and décor. For a transitional piece that leans more toward the old-fashioned, choose a small white rug or even a dark teal area rug that can be paired nicely with just about any colors. If you prefer something more modern, opt for red area rugs or a blue contemporary rug that will be bold and vibrant no matter which room you’re decorating. The type of decorating you can accomplish with these rugs depends largely on the colors you choose, but be sure to select a size that works well for the type of room you want too. Larger rugs are better for more traditional spaces, while smaller ones tend to be more contemporary. However, you can always subvert these common decorating choices as long as you’re careful about the rest of the room!

With a shag rug from the Momeni Downtown collection, you’ll have something beautiful and soft to walk on for many years to come. Use these rugs in your casual living room, dining room, child’s room or master bedroom. They work well just about anywhere, and since they’re easy to keep clean, you won’t have to worry about using them in a space that tends to attract dirt.

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