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Momeni Artisan Blue ART-1

Momeni Artisan Blue ART-1

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Momeni Artisan

With the Momeni Artisan collection at, you’ll be able to put together the most beautiful and elegant room you can imagine without ever having to break the bank to do it. This is a smaller collection of rugs, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking at all in terms of style, beauty, and sophistication. The rugs from the Momeni Artisan collection make excellent cheap area rugs that are sure to make your space come together no matter which way your sense of style tends to turn.

The viscose rugs from the Momeni Artisan line fall into the category of transitional area rugs, which means they feature aspects of both traditional and contemporary styles. In the case of these colorful rugs, the colors chosen are more traditional, while the larger prints are more contemporary even though they may be reminiscent of old-fashioned designs. The hand knotted viscose material is a more modern twist on these excellent rugs as well. When you want to create a transitional space that can incorporate more timeless décor as well as modern tastes, the rugs from this collection are a great place to get started.

Since most of these rugs are available in larger sizes, they make an excellent addition to a room that needs to really come to life. These rugs can add a splash of color and style to your floors, and depending on how you arrange the room around them, you may be able to help sway your décor choices more toward the traditional or the contemporary as you see fit. For example, you can choose a rug with a grey tone and arrange the furniture around it for a room that’s more traditional, or opt for a bright blue area rug and place some of the furniture on top of the rug itself for a more casual and updated appearance.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your rugs a little more in line with modern styles, you can always choose a slightly smaller option from this line instead. Although not all of the rugs in this line come in smaller sizes, a few do, and you can use these mid-range rectangular rugs to put together a room that’s more laid-back than you might originally consider for something from this line. You’re sure to surprise and delight your friends and family when you incorporate these rugs into your decorating in unique and exciting ways.

These rugs are truly capable of working with any type of room you want to create. That’s the beauty of the Momeni Artisan collection—these are rugs that can shift and grow with your sense of style as it changes over time, and since they’re built to last, they’re sure to become an important part of your home from the moment you choose your favorite color. Best of all, since they’re made of viscose, these are soft and comfortable rugs that are going to look as great as they feel no matter which room in your home you choose to decorate with one of these excellent pieces.

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