Redecorating on a Budget? Check out these Wallet-friendly Contemporary Rugs

Redecorating on a budget? Check out these wallet-friendly Contemporary rugs
Redecorating on a budget? Check out these wallet-friendly Contemporary rugs

It goes without saying these days that everyone is watching their money. Between more taxes, higher gas prices, and grocery costs that can make you do a double take, there’s never been a better time to save money any way that you can. So, what does that mean when your surroundings start to feel stale and your home décor hasn’t seen an update since Bush was in office? It means it’s time to embrace your frugal side by using some great contemporary rugs to update your décor.

Now, before you start imagining stark, futuristic looks and overly modern pieces, take note that today’s contemporary designs can fit easily into a variety of decors and styles. The best part about them is that there’s a wide variety to choose from and that means there’s practically something to fit every budget.

Read on to find out how to choose a great contemporary floor covering when you’re redecorating on a dime!

Think differently about fabrics and fibers
Cotton, wool, and silk have traditionally cornered the market when it comes to throw rugs. These fabrics are highly durable and some of them were used for centuries by fine rug and carpet makers. Today’s technology has introduced a greater variety of fibers, as a result, allowed for more affordable styles.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable fabrics like bamboo and sisal make for an interesting addition to any room and come with a surprisingly comfortable feel. Polypropylene and viscose will provide you with durability normally found in much more expensive rugs and when used together these two fabrics often provide them with a sheen that makes them appear shimmery. Finally, you can also look into natural materials made from untreated wool that will add style you can feel good about.

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Go for pattern
Suzanne and Lauren McGrath, authors of Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces To Carry You Through a Lifetime (@goodbones), are fans of the recent geometric trend in contemporary rugs. This mother and daughter team’s book and website feature essential home décor pieces that make it easy to design your home around. Search “rugs for right now” on their website for some stunningly colorful zig zag patterned rugs and graphic prints that are a perfect example of where contemporary scatter rugs are headed.

Much like in the McGrath’s example, you’ll see how they can provide a centerpiece for your room that you can then build around. With patterned floor covering, you can choose wall colors, textiles, and art to either match or contrast. Texture is what separates “ok” design from really great design and it’s not hard or expensive to add it to your décor using patterned contemporary styles.

Don’t shy away from color
Even if your budget is limited, your choices when it comes to color certainly won’t be. They often come not just in one solid color but in a mixture of complementing colors organized in a specific design. What’s great about this is that you can indulge your tastes as little or as much as you’d like. A round rug featuring multiple hues of brown and khaki swirled to resemble coffee and cream will make for a sweet morning in any kitchen. A rectangular one with pops of bright primary colors can make for a fun addition to any living room. Browse online selections until you find one that suits your favorite shades.

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Be choosy about size
Large and oversized area rugs are popular in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms and a series of smaller ones are a popular choice for hallways. Rather than spread a number them out over your hallway, why not choose a runner instead? This will give you good floor coverage and you’ll only have to pay for one them. Runners can also be a great choice under small tables or in dining rooms under buffet tables.

The opposite idea can hold true in your living areas. Instead of choosing one large floor covering for your living or dining room, why not go with a series of smaller scatter rugs in eye-catching colors? Line up three with a similar design to create a triptych-style design on your floor.

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