Keep Things Vibrant with 4 Rugs Featuring Orange

Keep Things Vibrant with 4 Rugs Featuring Orange

Have you ever thought about choosing an area rug in a vibrant, bold, bright color? Did you ever consider decorating your home with splashes of orange? Would you like to add some excitement to the colors in your interior décor? If any of this is true of you, be sure to check out our list of area rug picks below. All of the rugs on this list feature orange as one of the main colors and are sure to help bring your room to life. No matter what size or shape of rug you’re looking for, you can easily find something that will work for your needs among our top picks below.

Safavieh Bristol

The Safavieh Bristol area rug is a great way to give your room a traditional hint while still keeping things very modern otherwise. If you want to put together a transitional space and still intend to use orange as one of your main colors, this rug is here to help. The rug features a bright orange backdrop with a very faded brown and blue border as well as scrollwork. The purposefully faded look is designed to make this rug seem older than it really is, further helping it create a faux-traditional sort of atmosphere.

This rug comes in a handful of sizes and shapes, including rectangular sizes from 3×5 to 9×12. It also includes a 7-foot round and a 7×7 square option if you prefer something slightly different. The rug is made of polyester and is power-loomed, both of which contribute to it being durable and long-lasting. This rug is sure to look as impressive as a living room centerpiece as it does when used as an accent in a bedroom or sitting room. Pair it with complementary colors and let it become the focal point in your favorite spaces.

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Momeni Desert Gabbeh

For something more decidedly contemporary in style without a lot of traditional elements, consider the Momeni Desert Gabbeh rug. This rug is extremely colorful and noticeable, so if you’re looking for something that can become the centerpiece of a room, it’s a great place to get started. With its vibrant rust-orange backdrop and darker brown border, the rug is earthy and warm, making it an ideal choice for a room that needs to feel a little cozier. It can also be utilized in a study or office to bring some comfort into the space and add color where there may be less than usual.

This area rug is available in many sizes, from 2×3 to 9×13. All of the options are rectangular, so you don’t have to worry about the perfect size being a strange shape. Best of all, this piece is hand-knotted, so there is plenty of attention to detail ensuring the rug comes out look great every time.Made of 100% wool, it’s a natural rug that looks beautiful and adds a touch of class and elegance to a room without taking away from the casual feeling you’ve worked so hard to put together at the same time.

Surya Jax

For a completely contemporary twist on the orange area rug, check out the Surya Jax rug. This beautiful and stunning product provides a great way to incorporate your love of everything modern into all of your interior decorating. The rug is bold, fresh, and sure to draw attention no matter where you choose to use it in your home. It works especially well as a dining room rug or the centerpiece in a living room, particularly if the rest of your furnishings are very modern and classy. This rug is here to make a statement.

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The rug is only available in a few sizes, but you can easily find one that will work for you among the options. Choose the 2×3 rectangular rug if you want a simple throw rug that can add a splash of color along with other décor in the room. Go with the 5×7 rug if you need something a little more “middle of the road” that can offset part of a room or work in a bedroom instead. And if you want something large, spacious, and stunning, go with the bigger 7×10 option instead. This rug is machine made of polypropylene fabric, so it’s durable enough to be used just about anywhere.

Surya Decorativa

If you’re searching for something unique and interesting to draw attention and become a talking point in any room of your home, check out the Surya Decorative rug. This rug is available in two sizes: a 2×3 throw rug to be used for an accent piece or a 5×8 rug that can work to offset part of a larger room instead. The rug is especially nice when used as part of a bedroom or even in a child’s room, since its bright and cheerful color can bring lots of energy to these spaces.

The rug features a colorful orange backdrop with an abstract white print in the foreground and gray trim on the shorter sides. With all of these complementary colors working together, it creates a stylish twist on the contemporary that can hold its own among other furnishings. This is a hand tufted rug made with care and attention, and it is made of 100% wool fibers that remain beautiful and soft when they are well-maintained. Bring this rug into any space to help add some texture and life where you need it the most.

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What do you think? Are you ready to get out there and pick the perfect orange area rug for your home’s interior spaces? These rugs may not be for everyone, and depending on the style of room you’re putting together, they may not be ideal for your décor either. However, in many situations, a bold orange rug can make a huge difference for the better. Particularly if you’re working with contemporary or transitional rooms, you can create a stylish and sophisticated space easily when incorporating orange into your flooring.