From Peacocks to Pumpkins: 2013 Color Trends


Peacock Blue

A hue inspired by the bird of the same name, peacock blue has become a trendy color and its popularity in 2013 is expected to grow. Peacock blue is a rich color between royal blue and navy blue. It has hints of green, like the peacock feathers. But it is not a shimmering color. You can decorate with peacock blue in your contemporary area rugs, as an accent color in a lamp or pillow, or as a wall color. In 2013, peacock blue will also be a popular color for fashion and makeup trends, too. Peacock blue pairs well with the popular gray and cream neutrals in home decor, too. A bold accent color with peacock blue would be fuschia or chartreuse.

Grass Green

Grass green is a fresh, springlike color that is cool and soothing for your home. Green is a perennially popular color, like red or black, but it has hundreds of hue variations. Grass green is brighter than olive green, but not as bright as chartreuse. It is the color of a freshly mowed summer lawn. This would be a great color for living rooms, bedrooms, or even children’s rooms since it pairs so well with other colors, cool or warm. Grass green is an excellent trend color for 2013, so give it a try in your decorating. If you’re bold, you can choose this color for your walls. Don’t forget the exterior of your home, either. Green is a beautiful house color.


Aqua, a light blue-green, was one of the most popular colors of 2012, and its popularity continues into 2013. It is bright and tropical, the color of the Caribbean Sea or an aquamarine gemstone. Aqua has been seen on fashion runways and in makeup brands, but it can also be a way to add a pop of color to your living spaces. One current bold trend is to pair aqua with equally bright colors like orange or magenta. If that is too bright for your living spaces, try aqua in smaller doses, like a shower curtain in your bathroom or an aqua tablecloth in your dining room. Small area rugs with aqua as an accent color can also work well. Aqua is fresh and will be one of the most popular colors of 2013.

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Pumpkin Orange

Not just relegated to fall, pumpkin is an orange that is darker than a bright coral and lighter than brown. Its color is spicy and warm, like pumpkin pie. Orange was one of the most popular colors of 2012, and pumpkin is the newest hue that is expected to be trendy in 2013. Pumpkin, being a warm color, brings a sense of coziness to your living spaces. Due to its somewhat darker color, it can also work within a room of neutrals like browns and tans. Pumpkin is an excellent color for a dining room or a kitchen. You can, of course, always use it as an accent color in orange area rugs, pillows, or curtains. The one thing to keep in mind with pumpkin is that it is an orange, so you probably wouldn’t want to pair it with black. That’s too much of a Halloween look!


In recent years, gray has emerged as one of the most popular colors, surpassing beige as a dominant neutral in home decorating trends. Gray lends a cool urban sophistication to your home, since it is so similar to its close cousin silver. Gray also pairs unexpectedly well with warm colors like orange and yellow, so it is easy to see why it has become popular. It is definitely a trendy color for 2013. All of the different hues are popular, from charcoal to palest dove gray. The lighter hues tend to be more popular in home decorating, while the darker grays lend a cool wintry feel to the home. Gray tends to be more of a neutral color for walls, furniture, and kitchen cabinets. But you can certainly decorate your home with gray accent pillows, gray picture frames, and gray area rugs. Choosing gray as your new neutral creates a sense of elegance in your home.

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Bringing new trendy colors into your home refreshes your decorating. It is all too easy to forget how to envision your space through fresh eyes, and color is an excellent and inexpensive way to enliven a room. Whether you are painting a wall a new color or have purchased a new pair of pillows for your sofa, peacock blue, pumpkin orange, grass green, aqua, and gray are the hottest colors in 2013.

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