European Vintage: How to Get this Season’s Hottest Décor Trend

What’s the hottest home décor trend happening this spring? A look that doesn’t feel like a trend at all: vintage with a European twist. This style features cozy, worn-in colors and sumptuous textures like olefin area rugs and silk pillows. It’s a great look if you’re in the mood to transform a room just for the coming colder weather or for a sweet new style.

So what do I mean when I say vintage? Think classic Parisian bistro: worn-looking walls, floral area rugs, furniture with clean lines but romantic details like curved table legs or round tables, overstuffed chairs, and prints that feature old advertisements or wording. Here are just a few easy ways you can pull it off:

Go antiquing without ever leaving home

If you want to go all in with this look, start with your walls. A faux finish process called “antiquing” can help even the newest of walls take on that weathered, been-here-forever look. You’ll need a water-based, flat finish interior wall paint and paint brushes for use with water-based paint.

After you’ve painted on a base color, dip your paint brush back into your desired color, only until the bristled are covered halfway. Use a rag to wipe off the paint, until you almost have a dry brush.  You’ll use it to lightly apply up and down strokes on your wall. You can also repeat this step in a left and right motion until you reach your desired amount of weathering. It’s a good idea to practice this technique on a piece of drywall or a board before trying it on your wall. This technique can also be used to give new furniture an antique appearance.

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Color your way back in time

Color and texture also play an important role in bringing the vintage theme to life. A popular choice of colors for this look seems to be a muted, soft purple with neutral colored furnishings. It’s perfect for fall, but really any color in a muted tone will work well. If you can see your room sporting the purple motif, coordinate with neutral tones and use colors such as teal and grey for accent colors.

To get even more color and texture into the picture, pretty chenille throws can help soften up any style of couch or chair as well as square patterned pillows. On the floor, tufted area rugs or braided area rugs will feel cozy underfoot and keep the room from feeling too antique. Again, look for muted colors that almost seem to fade into the background. For windows, tab-top style curtains in a solid neutral color are a low-maintenance perfect fit.

It’s the little things

This look is all about accessorizing. It’s where you’ll be able to pull in elements that truly give your room that vintage feel. Where better to start than a furniture consignment shop? Look for pieces with an old-world feel like a wall clock with a large face and gothic-style numbers or an upholstered ottoman. Even if what you find doesn’t exactly fit the theme, remember that you can use some DIY magic to transform it. For example, an old footstool can find new life when you re-cover the padded top with a vintage-chic fabric; an outdated lamp shade can easily be replaced by an inexpensive white shade which you can then paint or stencil to work with the vintage feel.

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Since you have to live in your room as well as look it, don’t forget to include storage options when searching for vintage gear. A simple wooden basket looks timeless and can help store throws and pillows when you’re not using them.

For a fun and truly inspired touch, add in a few wooden wine crates.  These crates usually feature the wine maker’s logo or other designs and are used to protect wine bottles in shipping.  Use empty crates as planters if you keep indoor plants or simply set one on the floor as a chic catch-all. You can easily find these online by searching “wooden wine crates” or stop by any store that sells wine and see if you can pick one up for free. Bonus points if they once held French wine!

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