These Amazing Area Rug Collections from Dalyn will Leave you Speechless

Amazing Area Rugs from Dalyn

If you’re looking for an incredible selection of discount area rugs that can surprise and delight you as well as your friends and family, check out what Dalyn has to offer. This is a company that prides itself on creating high-quality area rugs made from great, durable materials that will stay soft, colorful, and looking and feeling great for a long time to come. Within the Dalyn brand name there are tons of excellent collections and series you can take a look at. Each one offers something different and unique that you’re sure to love, so take your time and shop through the Dalyn selections. You’re bound to find several incredible pieces of home décor you’ll want to bring home right away.



Dalyn aloft area rugs

A casual and contemporary polyester rug from the Dalyn Aloft collection is sure to add a ton of bright and vibrant color to any room of your home—inside or out. Choose between large full-size options or pick smaller throw rugs to create the space of your dreams.


Dalyn Antigua area rugs

With a contemporary polypropylene rug from the Dalyn Antigua collection, you can bring soft and gentle shades of gray, white, and beige into your home with tons of sizes to choose from. Pick smaller throw rugs or go for a larger option to create a stunning room.


Dalyn Antiquity area rugs

The transitional polypropylene rugs available from the Dalyn Antiquity line of area rugs provide an excellent way to bring a little bit of neutral color or jewel tones into your home without committing entirely to a traditional design. These modern styles coupled with old-fashioned colors are sure to make any room of your home look amazing.


Dalyn Banyan area rugs

The transitional rugs from the Dalyn Banyan collection are very unique. These rugs are made of jute and feature solid colors in mostly earth tones. Although they are solid, they do have subtle coloring variations throughout each piece that come from the use of jute materials. Use these rugs either indoors or outside for equally beautiful results.


Dalyn Beckham area rugs

The Dalyn Beckham collection is made up of beautiful polypropylene rugs that fit into the contemporary as well as the traditional style when it comes to designs. Pick between blues, grays, and even black accent colors to help you create the perfect beautiful room.


The polyester shag rugs in the Dalyn Belize rug line are all available in beautiful, soft solid colors. You can make the most of one of these rugs in a child’s room or in a casual family room, or you can mix it up entirely and use them in a living room or dining room as you would any other type of rug.


Dalyn Borgo area rugs

Pick up a light and bright solid color area rug from the Dalyn Borgo collection and you’ll be bringing home a rug that can really speak for itself! These transitional polypropylene rugs tend to look best in contemporary spaces, but with a little ingenuity you can use them in traditional-leaning rooms as well.

Bright Lights

Dalyn Bright Lights

The polyester area rug from the Dalyn Bright Lights collection are all shag style rugs that look incredible in any child’s room. Available in bright and vivid exciting colors that any kid will love, you can use them in playrooms as well as bedrooms, or mix it up and decorate your living room or home office with something fun and funky!


Dalyn Cabana rugs

A polypropylene contemporary rug from the Dalyn Cabana collection looks as casual and relaxing as you could possibly want! You’ll feel like you’re on a beach vacation every time you step into your room when you decorate with one or more of these beautiful pieces.

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Dalyn Capri area rugs

With a polypropylene rug from the Dalyn Capri line of area rugs, you’ll be able to beautifully bridge the gap between traditional colors and patterns and contemporary layouts to find the perfect transitional area rug to suit all your needs. You’re sure to love the end result when you bring one of these elegant and warm rugs into any room of your home.


Dalyrn Dakota

The Dalyn Dakota collection features unique polyester rugs that will make any modern and contemporary space come to life with excitement, motion and lots of bursts of color. Choose between blues, grays, and even some truly unique and individual black abstract area rugs to find the design you’ve always dreamed of.


Dalyn Geneva

The blue and blue-gray polypropylene area rugs from the Dalyn Geneva collection look a little bit old-fashioned and traditional at first glance, but they’re actually quite modern in terms of their layout, design and materials as well. Decorate your home with beautiful cool colors and unique designs with a rug from this elegant but upscale collection.

Grand Tour

Dalyn Grand Tour

A beautiful and elegant polypropylene rug from the Dalyn Grand Tour collection is the perfect way to add traditional patterns and designs to your home while still leaning heavily toward the contemporary in terms of colors and design layouts. You can even find monochrome rugs with splashes of color in this line, which is always a fun and exciting look.


Dalyn Horizons

The Dalyn Horizons rug line features incredibly original modern area rugs that fall into many different color combination categories including neutral, earth tones, and shades of blue. These rugs are made of nylon, which makes them very unique and great for use both indoors and out.


Dalyn Illusions

Choose one of the incredibly soft polyester shag rugs from the Dalyn Illusions collection of area rugs when you need a shag rug that isn’t necessarily only available in vivid children’s room colors. These rugs look great in any room of your home, and they’re a little bit classier than you might expect from a solid color shag rug, too.


Dalyn Impact rugs

Pick up a polyester shag rug from the Dalyn Impact line when you want something soft and subtle that works just as well in a nursery as it does in the family living room. These rugs are also durable enough that you can use them in your dining room or kitchen if you’re looking for something a little bit different to improve your contemporary spaces.


Dalyn Impulse

A vivid and bright multi-colored area rug from the Dalyn Impulse collection is sure to add tons of excitement as well as texture to any room of your home. These wool rugs feature grays and browns coupled with bright colors to create beautiful modern styles you’ll have to see to believe.


Dalyn Infinity

The polyester rugs from the Dalyn Infinity collection add a touch of elegance to popular contemporary styles. These rugs are almost all made up of simply two colors, or sometimes three, in repeating geometric or abstract designs that make them look incredible in any modern room.


Dalyn Jewel area rugs

With a wool rug from the Dalyn Jewel collection, you can bring home elegant traditional colors with a combination of both traditional and contemporary designs that will make your look warm, inviting and impressive all at the same time.


Dalyn Laramie

The wool rugs from the Dalyn Laramie collection are available in cool shades and solid colors that are sure to make the casual rooms in your home look truly beautiful and gentle. Choose between blues, greys and white to create a casual space you’re going to love.

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Dalyn Lavita rug

The Dalyn Lavita collection is made up of polypropylene rugs that feature contemporary styles and layouts paired with plenty of beautiful and elegant cool and neutral color combinations that are sure to blend in or perfectly complement your room no matter what colors you’re choosing to decorate with.


Dalyn Malta

The polypropylene rugs from the Dalyn Malta collection can help you bring home a beautiful traditional and oriental-inspired area rug without having to spend a lot of money to make that happen. These rugs feature darker earth tones as well as lighter neutral shades that look beautiful in small and large sizes both.


Dalyn Marcello

Choose a casual and contemporary rug from the Dalyn Marcello collection when you want something made of polypropylene that will look as great on a lanai or in a sun room as it will in a bedroom, living room or dining room. These rugs are very modern and beautiful with natural designs and flowing patterns.


Dalyn Maui

With a rug from the Dalyn Maui collection, you can feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your favorite room in your home! These bright and casual florals are made of polyester, which means you can even use them outdoors if you choose to bring a little touch of the tropics to your favorite spaces.

Modern Greys

Dalyn Modern Greys

A rug from the Dalyn Modern Greys collection can help you decorate your home with beautiful cool colors and contemporary styles that you’re sure to love. Pick one of these polypropylene rugs in black and white or choose one with a little more exciting color if you’re looking to make even more of a statement in your home.

Monaco Sisal

Dalyn Monaco rugs

With the Dalyn Monaco Sisal collection, you can decorate your floors with unique solid color rugs that blend into both contemporary and traditional rooms equally well. Made of sisal, these are eco-friendly and all-natural rugs that are very popular for both interior and exterior decorating.


Dalyn Omega area rugs

The casual polypropylene rugs from the Dalyn Omega collection are made up of beautiful monochrome styles featuring geometric prints as well as abstract patterns that can help you put together the modern, upscale room you’ve always dreamed of.


Dalyn Radiance rugs

Choose a polypropylene rug from the Dalyn Radiance collection when you want to add some warmth and comfort to your home with a lot of casual and contemporary style. These rugs feature warm colors and lots of cozy browns that will make any space look much more comfortable from the moment you bring one home.


Dalyn Rafia

A solid color wool area rug from the Dalyn Rafia collection is a great way to spice up any room. These rugs are available in shades ranging from warm to cool, and you can even find neutral tones that can help blend into their surroundings and add some comfort without overpowering the visual weight of any room. Choose one of these rugs in just about any size to make the most of your favorite spaces.


Dalyn Rossini

A polypropylene rug from the Dalyn Rossini collection is sure to include all the color you want in a monochrome room decorated with a splash or two of vibrant colors. Pick a gray rug with purple splashes or stick to black and white with gold—the sky’s the limit with this abstract contemporary line!


Dalyn santiago area rugs

The rugs from the Dalyn Santiago collection are all designed with transitional patterns in mind. You can use them in either a contemporary room or a traditional one, but they do swing a little more toward the contemporary in terms of their patterns and designs. Made of jute, these rugs can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

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Dalyn Seaside rugs

For a beautiful nautical style that looks great in a bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor space, check out the Dalyn Seaside collection. These contemporary rugs are available in blues, whites, and even oranges to bring a touch of vacation vibes to your home.


Dalyn Spectrum rugs

The Dalyn Spectrum collection features casual polyester shag area rugs in gradient stripe colors to add a little more elegance to the more common solid color shag rug.


Dalyn Studio rugs

With a contemporary polyester rug from the Dalyn Studio collection, you can bring home an elegant black and white floral rug or a brown and beige animal print rug as well as tons of other modern styles you’ll love.


Dalyn Tempo

The casual and modern polypropylene rugs from the Dalyn Tempo collection are available in tons of different colors and unique patterns that are sure to surprise you and stand out from other similar collections.


Dalyn Tones

Pick a vibrant wool rug from the Dalyn Tones collection for something vivid, bold, and very colorful that will blend seamlessly into your modern and contemporary casual room.


Dalyn Torino

Choose a rug from the Dalyn Torino collection to enjoy beautiful soft, subtle gradients in rugs made of durable and long-lasting wool.


The Dalyn Toro collection is made up of solid color wool rugs in unique textures that are sure to make a splash in your home, whether you choose one in blue, green, brown, orange or something else entirely.


Dalyn Utopia

Choose a rug from the Dalyn Utopia line for a shag rug with lots of texture and plenty of polyester durability. These rugs look great in any child’s room or teen’s room, but you can also use them in an office or living room. Try a black shag rug in the dining room for a truly modern style.


Dalyn Visions rugs

The polyester shag rugs from the Dalyn Visions collection are truly unique pieces you’re going to love. These are shag rugs, but instead of being solid colors, they feature stripes, swirls, and even natural patterns in earthy tones that will make your room look soft and inviting.


Dalyn Wembley

With the Dalyn Wembley collection, you can decorate your home with a traditional rug made of sturdy polypropylene that will be as affordable as it is durable and beautiful.

With so many incredible collections to choose from, the only problem you’ll have is figuring out where to get started! Narrow down your options based on contemporary, traditional, or transitional rugs, and from there you shouldn’t have any issues finding the perfect rug of your dreams right away. There’s a lot to see in the Dalyn brand name, so take your time and look through all of the beautiful collections you may be interested in. No matter what type of room you’re looking to decorate or what colors you’re trying to find for your perfect textile addition to your home, you’ll find it and maybe even something more when you take a look at the Dalyn line!