10 Amazing Rug Designs From All Over the World

Looking to put something special into your next home improvement project? Give it the perfect finishing touch with a unique rug inspired by the best the world has to offer. Whether your prefer a one that came together in an exotic locale, or you’re looking for something that feels like it came from right next door, these 10 amazing rug designs from all over the world will get you inspired. Here are just a few of the many popular locales the world’s best area rugs come from:

When you start any conversation about the world’s rich history of rug making, it’s impossible to leave out Persian rugs. There’s more to know about these than we can spell out here, but these traditionally come from Iran. In recent years, they have been made in Russia, China, and India because of US sanctions on exports from Iran. Despite this, you can still find beautiful designs featuring the center medallions and intricate bordered patterns that exemplify classic Persian designs.

While the word “oriental” may conjure images of China or Japan, oriental rugs have traditionally been made in northern Mongolia, eastern China, and as far west as Morocco. What sets these apart from other styles of rug making is that its pile is tied to its foundation.

Southwestern style or Navajo styles reflect the beautiful traditional designs of the Native American tribes from the Southwestern United States. From historic weavings to modern styles, bringing a southwestern rug into your home is a great way to add some Southwestern flair to your décor.

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India has a history of producing colorful, intricate rugs and carpets that stand the test of time. The tradition of hand-weaving was brought to India in the 16th century and the technique hasn’t changed much since then. Beautiful hand-tufted ones like those from the Surya or Momeni collections typify the kind of quality craftsmanship that goes into rugs made in India. You’ll find visionary designs that come from generations of artisans yet still reflect modern style and sensibility.

Archaeology tells us that rug making has gone on in Egypt since many centuries before the time of Christ. Today, Egypt hosts many schools where this ancient art is passed to the next generation. These modern floor coverings feature theme designs, oriental carpets, and tribal designs.

If you’re a patriot at heart, plenty of quality rugs in a myriad of designs can still be found made by retailers from right here in the US.  Designers like Shaw and Capel allow you to experience contemporary style while still buying American.

Turkey has a long tradition in weaving. Some Turkish techniques are said to go back 800 years. Add to that Turkey’s location and a cultural tradition where Western design meets Eastern sensibilities, and the result is stunning rug making. Most Turkish rugs are made from silk, but take caution and always buy from a reputable retailer. Some are bought at Turkish bazaars and brought home by tourists are really cotton passed off as silk by the seller.

Another country with a long tradition of carpet making, Afghani designs have recently benefited from Pakistani influence. This is one country where true tribal throw rugs and tribal designs have flourished for centuries. More recently, conflict in the region has exposed Afghani weavers to the more sophisticated flourishes of Pakistani weavers, allowing buyers to purchase from Afghanistan.

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Artists from the Andes take advantage of the rich farming culture that surrounds them. They use Alpaca fiber or sheep’s wool to create colorful, strong, durable rugs and carpeting. A welcome touch when you’re spending winter in the mountains! As an added bonus, lanolin from the sheep’s wool creates a stain-resistant quality. Cowhide rugs are also popular exports from this region.

Another great choice for bringing Latin flavor into your home is a Mexican rug. Most of these originate in the state of Oaxaca and are called Zapotec rugs. Made almost exclusively from local sheep’s wool, Zapotec feature exclusive patterns such as diamonds, wind and rain, and candles.

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