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Dalyn Laramie

The Dalyn Laramie collection is a beautiful line of solid colors area rugs that can bring a splash of color and a breath of fresh air into any room of your home. These rugs are all hand loomed and made from a combination of wool and viscose, which makes them very soft and gives them a luscious shine. The fibers of these rugs are tip-sheared, which gives each piece a unique and individual texture and means no two rugs are exactly alike.

When you’re looking for affordable area rugs that can help you put your space together perfectly, look no further than the excellent modern rugs available from the Dalyn Laramie line at These are larger wool rugs that can become a great centerpiece to your home or provide a colorful rug option you can use as a decorating springboard.

Choose between solid gray, blue, black or white area rugs from this line to make any room come to life with perfect style. These contemporary area rugs work well in monochrome rooms as well as in colorful spaces, so don’t be afraid to let them work for you and help you create the kind of interior space you’ve always wanted. Since they’re soft and durable, they can be used in just about any room.

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