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Surya Frontier FT113 area rug

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Surya Frontier FT113 Area Rug

Size Price Sale
2' x 3'
$90.72 $ 64.80
3'6" x 5'6"
$283.08 $ 202.20
2'6" x 8'"
$297.36 $ 212.40
5' x 8'
$483.84 $ 345.60
8' x 11'
$1,064.28 $ 760.20
9' x 13'
$1,726.20 $ 1,233.00

Introducing the elegant Surya Frontier FT113 throw rug. Adding each of the flawless elements found within truly divine design, the smooth sophistication emanating from each of the radiant rugs within the Frontier collection by Surya will create the perfect look for your space. Hand woven in 100% wool, the exquisite patterns and vibrant coloring splashed across each perfect piece will surely redefine your room, fashioning a sense of chic and captivating charm in any home decor. Some of the colors in this rug are - Brown, Chocolate, Chocolate, Burgundy, Beige, Light Gray, Moss and the Pantone colors are 15-1214, 18-1027, 14-1107, 19-1245, 17-5107. The style of this rug is Southwest and the material is .

Vendor: Rug Manufacturer Logo Style: Southwestern , Southwest
Collection: Surya Frontier Material: Wool ()
Weave: Hand Woven Country of Origin: India
Color(s): Brown >> Secondary Color(s):Chocolate,Burgundy,Beige,Light Gray,Moss - Pantone Colors: 15-1214,18-1027,14-1107,19-1245,17-5107. Pile/Thickness:0.160

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Additional Images of the Surya Frontier FT113 Rug:

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  • Surya-ft113-811.jpg
  • Surya-ft113-23.jpg
  • Surya-ft113-268.jpg
  • Surya-ft113-roomscene_201.jpg
The Surya Frontier FT113 by Surya is sometimes listed with the following brand codes: FT113-23, FT113-3656, FT113-268, FT113-58, FT113-811, FT113-913. Also, the following UPC codes: 764262594942, 764262594911, 764262594898, 764262594928, 764262594935, 764262836424

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